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1 Justice Eberechi Wike Recommends Amputation for Sex Offenders

1 Justice Eberechi Wike Recommends Amputation for Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders

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In a bold and impactful statement, Justice Eberechi Wike, a distinguished judge of the Rivers State High Court, has recommended amputation as a fitting punishment for individuals found guilty of defiling minors. Her unwavering stance on this critical issue was voiced during the 2nd National Conference of Family Court Judges, Magistrates, and other Family Court Practitioners in Port Harcourt, the state capital. Justice Wike firmly believes that the current punishments for such heinous crimes are insufficient and that a more drastic measure is necessary to act as a deterrent against sexual offenses targeting minors.

for Sex Offenders

Justice Wike’s passionate plea for a more stringent response to child defilement stems from her deep concern about the welfare and safety of the most vulnerable members of society. She argues that merely sentencing offenders to life imprisonment or a 14-year jail term is no longer enough to protect our children from sexual predators. Her conviction in the need for more severe measures is palpable, as she asserts, “We should do much more. I think we should do something that will be really drastic, that will make them think twice before they do that.”

A Need for Drastic Measures on sex offenders

The Radical Proposal

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The crux of Justice Wike’s proposal lies in a radical yet thought-provoking solution – the amputation of body parts that offenders use during the act of defiling a child. Whether it’s a finger, mouth, or private part, the punishment would be tailored to the specific body part employed during the crime. This radical approach is aimed at making potential offenders think twice before engaging in such heinous acts, as the consequences of their actions would be severe and permanent.

The rationale behind this proposition is simple: by making such a severe punishment a reality, society can send a clear and unequivocal message that child defilement will not be tolerated. Justice Wike believes that it is necessary to demonstrate the seriousness of this issue and show potential offenders that they will face dire consequences for their actions.

A Call for Legislative Action on sex offenders

Justice Wike’s call to action doesn’t end with her proposal. She hopes that a member of the House of Representatives or the Senate will take up the cause and sponsor a bill to bring her vision into reality. Legislation would be the first step towards implementing the amputation penalty for child defilers.

The introduction of such a bill would ignite a national conversation about the severity of child defilement and the need for harsher measures to protect minors. It would serve as a turning point in the fight against child sexual abuse, pushing the boundaries of deterrence and punishment further than ever before.

The Importance of Raising Awareness over the presence of sex offenders

While Justice Wike’s recommendation may seem radical to some, it underscores the urgency of addressing child sexual abuse more comprehensively. Raising awareness about the gravity of this issue and the potential consequences for offenders is paramount. By drawing attention to the need for stricter measures, she highlights the importance of protecting our children and ensuring their safety.


Justice Eberechi Wike’s unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and safety of children is truly commendable. Her recommendation of amputation as a punishment for child defilers may be radical, but it serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for stringent measures to protect the most vulnerable in our society. It is her hope that her proposal will spark legislative action and lead to a safer future for children across the nation.

In conclusion, Justice Wike’s impassioned stance on this issue brings to light the critical need for ongoing dialogue and action to combat child sexual abuse. By making her voice heard, she has taken a significant step towards ensuring a safer and more secure environment for our children.


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