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13 Brigade Calabar wins Army combat proficiency competition in Abia

13 Brigade Calabar wins Army combat proficiency competition in Abia

Dominating the Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition: 13 Brigade Nigeria Army Calabar Emerges as Overall Best

Army combat proficiency

In a remarkable display of skill, determination, and camaraderie, the officers from the 13 Brigade Nigeria Army Calabar have etched their names in history by emerging as the Overall Best at the Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition. This prestigious event, held at the esteemed 14 Brigade Ohafia in Abia State, marked a week-long showcase of the incredible capabilities and resilience of the five Brigades under the umbrella of the 82 Division of the Nigeria Army. The participating brigades included the 13 Brigade Calabar, 14 Brigade Ohafia, 34 Artillery Brigade Owerri, 44 Engineer Brigade Enugu, and the 82 Division Garrison Enugu.

A Triumph of Skill and Coordination

The Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition saw these elite units compete in a series of challenging events that tested various aspects of their combat readiness and prowess. The five major events that formed the core of this rigorous competition were:

  1. Combat Swimming: An assessment of the officers’ aquatic capabilities, showcasing their ability to navigate and perform under challenging conditions.
  2. Marathon Race: A grueling long-distance race that evaluates endurance, physical fitness, and mental strength.
  3. Map Reading: An exercise in navigation and spatial awareness, highlighting the importance of swift and accurate decision-making.
  4. Weapon Handling: Demonstrating the officers’ proficiency in managing and utilizing their weaponry effectively.
  5. Obstacle Crossing: A test of agility and strategic thinking, requiring participants to overcome a series of obstacles swiftly.

Unprecedented Excellence: 13 Brigade’s Triumph

Army combat proficiency

In a stunning display of their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment, the officers from the 13 Brigade Calabar triumphed in four out of the five major events, namely weapon handling, marathon race, combat swimming, and obstacle crossing. This remarkable feat catapulted them to an impressive total score of 460 points, securing their position as the Overall Best brigade in the competition.

Not to be outdone, the host brigade, 14 Brigade Ohafia, secured a significant victory in the map reading event, contributing to their commendable total score of 410 points, earning them a well-deserved second place. The 82 Division Garrison Enugu claimed the third position with a score of 390 points, showcasing their remarkable dedication and capabilities.

Acknowledging the Warriors

At the grand finale of this monumental event, the General Officer Commanding of the 82 Division Nigeria Army Enugu, Major Gen. Hassan Taiwo Dada, expressed profound admiration for the participants’ gallantry and unwavering competitive spirit throughout the rigorous exercise. Major Gen. Dada underscored the pivotal role of the competition in assessing team spirit, combat readiness, and preparing officers for imminent challenges.

This event also served as a platform for emerging leaders within the officer cadre to exhibit their leadership prowess. Major Gen. Dada re-emphasized the Nigerian Army’s unyielding commitment to safeguarding the nation’s territorial integrity and encouraged officers to intensify their preparation for future competitions.

A Grateful Salute

Army combat proficiency

As the dust settled on this remarkable event, Brigadier General Nsikak John Edet, the Commander of the 14 Brigade Ohafia, extended his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated team of umpires, as well as the heads of various security agencies and traditional rulers who graced the competition with their presence. Their support and commitment played an invaluable role in ensuring the success of this prestigious competition.

In conclusion, the Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication, unparalleled skill, and indomitable spirit of the officers within the 82 Division of the Nigeria Army. The triumph of the 13 Brigade Calabar, along with the remarkable performances of other participating brigades, underscores the commitment of these valiant individuals to excellence and readiness. As we look ahead, the resounding success of this competition serves as an inspiration to aspiring officers and a reminder of the remarkable capabilities of the Nigeria Army.

Elevating Excellence in Every Challenge

The Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition, an annual event that epitomizes the pinnacle of skill and preparation within the Nigeria Army, continues to set a benchmark for excellence. The dedication, strategic thinking, and sheer determination demonstrated by the officers of the 13 Brigade Calabar exemplify the core values that drive the army’s commitment to safeguarding the nation. As these officers continue to hone their capabilities and prepare for future competitions, their journey stands as a testament to the unyielding pursuit of excellence that defines the Nigeria Army.

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Army combat proficiency

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