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18-Year-Old Offia: Inspired by NBA Star Curry

18-Year-Old Offia: Inspired by NBA Star Curry

Few basketball prospects can boast of squaring up in opposition to their country-wide teams at the age of 13, but for Abel Offia, who grew to become 18 on February 14, 2023, this opportunity got here only a year after he commenced gambling the game.

The Edo-born basketball athlete revealed to PUNCH sports greater that his love for the sport become prompted by a woman basketball player he met at a courtroom in Benin.

“I started basketball whilst I was in Benin at 12 years antique. I noticed a female gambling basketball, so I went there to see what changed going on. Generally, whilst you see a lady doing something, you just need to go there and be a part of it, and that, she genuinely beat me in the game and I used to be greatly surprised,” he stated.

“Then I began going there every day after faculty, then I saw the instructor of the courtroom there, and at some point, he called me and stated why now not simply be part of the group and go for competitions with them? Then I began schooling with them and earlier than you know it, I came to like the game and that is how I started playing basketball.”

There may be a famous announcing that the journey of one thousand miles starts with a step, the SS3 pupil at Topfield Secondary school narrated how he took the formidable step of following a chum, who turned into invited to an academy in Lagos from Benin in 2018 while he was just 13 and got the threat to play in opposition to the D’Tigress.

“a chum of mine became going to Lagos from Benin to play for a basketball academy, and I informed him I would observe him, I simply wanted to exit and play basketball. He was reluctant to agree due to the fact he wasn’t sure the train would be given considering he had told him he changed into coming alone. I stated when we were given there, I’d inform him I could play too,” he informed PUNCH sports extra.

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“When we came there, the Raptors academy changed into playing the countrywide lady group, the teacher then gave me a jersey and said I ought to join the players and he was impressed by what I did and allowed me to stay in one of the hotels he were given for the players.”

Although they lost that game to the greater skilled Nigeria girl basketball gamers, the shooting guard discovered from that revel in and went on to begin a winning streak although it was nonetheless now not an smooth adventure.

“I gained the Police basketball opposition and the novices opposition in 2018 after I performed with the Raptors academy. In 2019, we qualified for the league and we made it to the finals which bowled over anybody, and we played in opposition to River Hoopers, however, we lost within the finals,” Offia stated.

“We took the primary position in the ‘Mark the Ball’ event when I played for Customs, and I also performed for them inside the top-quality League and we came out 2d, I’ve come 2nd previously with Raptors too and the following time, I’m eyeing a win with the River Hoopers who’re my current group.”

Offia sometimes reminisces on the loss in the finals in 2019 against his present-day group and almost cries.

“There are some moments that I’ve almost shed tears. Final 12 months in the top-rated League, when we played Kwara Falcons in the finals and lost, it became very painful while after making it all of the way there and simply one game price us the price tag to the league,” he said.

The 18-yr-vintage desires of representing Nigeria on a countrywide degree and hopes for a chance to get into the countrywide Basketball association pronouncing, “My dreams are to represent the united states of America on the countrywide stage and additionally play seasoned within the NBA, pursue a profession and get a diploma.”

It’s far inspiring to pay attention fulfillment of memories of individuals who started out their enterprise initially from a circle of relatives.

Whilst you additionally have family help in the beginning, your profession takes off unexpectedly. Well, some human beings fall on the opposite aspect and conflict plenty to establish consider with the preceding technology parents.

The young athletes spread out on how his father become, to begin with in opposition to his choice of profession.

“when I started out playing basketball, my dad did no longer genuinely support the flow and he become even part of the purpose why I left Benin for Lagos for that academy. He used to mount strain on me then due to the fact he did not need me to play basketball, he is overdue now but earlier than he died, while he started seeing how nicely I may want to play, he informed me he became happy with me,” Ofia said.

Stimulated by using Golden kingdom Warriors point defend Stephen Curry, Ofia says he likes how the four-time NBA champion creates, “the person who conjures up my basketball is Curry. I really like how he can create shooting possibilities for himself and for his teammates and that i honestly like his step-again shots.”


Speakme with PUNCH sports greater, Raptors Academy coach, Charles Ibeziako said he turned into confident that the teenager might upward thrust to the top.

“I met him six years ago and when I saw him, I knew that he become a prospect; I met him at a camp in Benin city. Someday later, my crew had a friendly healthy in opposition to the Nigerian girl team and they continually favor to use the academy to put together themselves and we have been those getting them ready and their teacher would want us to play them difficult,” Ibeziako instructed PUNCH sports greater.

“I invited his friend and he came alongside. From the match, I may want to see that he became excellent with the way he treated himself and the selections he made at the courtroom at that age.

“I lived in us for a long time and I’ve trained plenty of humans that have become expert basketball gamers and some are even in the NBA so i’m able to say that Abel is a remarkable NBA candidate if he gets there, he goes to play unique basketball.”


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