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2baba’s Message to His Critics: “Know Me”

2baba’s Message to His Critics: “Know Me”


The Grammy Award-winning artist from Nigeria known as 2baba or 2face, Innocent Idibia, has a message for his detractors.

The father of seven urged his detractors to get to know him before passing judgment on him via his Instagram page.

The artist warned viewers not to judge others based solely on rumors in a spoken message that accompanied his video.

The voice message claims that rumors might cause people to resent innocent individuals.

The voice message said, “My friend if you’re not careful, rumors would make you hate innocent people.”

Adding insult to injury, 2baba pointed out the paradox of associating his name, Innocent, with rumors.

He urged his detractors to get to know him before passing judgment.

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“Innocent and rumors in one statement. “Know me before you judge me,”

Following his apology to his wife, Annie Idibia, 2baba became involved in a cheating scandal last year.

2face Idibia had publicly apologized to his wife Annie Idibia for repeatedly injuring her.

He expressed his regret for the humiliation he had brought upon his wife, his children, his mother, and all of his family and management.

2face acknowledged that he had been a lousy husband, father, and father-in-law and had no justifications for it.

After he made a heartfelt apology, rumors surfaced that he was allegedly expecting his eighth kid. A well-known Instagram blogger claimed that Tuface had an affair with a banker.

In response to the reports, the musician used social media to dispel the rumors via his management and label them as vicious and untrue.

His management advised his supporters and media outlets to ignore the story since it was false.

The fictional banker has been getting e-pregnant for 2face for the past two or three years, starting in 2014.

The statement further stated that the accusation was untrue.


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