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$37,000 Rihanna’s Driver’s Car Now Missing

$37,000 Rihanna’s Driver’s Car Now Missing

Days after an intruder showed up at the singer’s Beverly Hills home to pop the question, Rihanna’s driver’s car was reportedly stolen this week.


According to TMZ, her driver left the engine running as he ran back inside the house, which resulted in the theft of the $37,000 2012 Audi Sedan.

The LAPD is reportedly looking into the incident, though it is unclear if the Rude Boy singer, 35, who is expecting her second child with rapper A$AP Rocky, was at home at the time.

After a man from South Carolina allegedly traveled to California to propose to the Fenty CEO, the home was surrounded by police last week.

Her security team called the police to report their worries, and the would-be Romeo was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car.

After investigators concluded that he had not broken any laws, he was later released and told not to come back.

Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, and Rihanna may not have been home when the alleged man approached.

They have not yet made any public remarks about the incident.


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