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Abia Residents Gain Relief as Gov. Otti Promises Salaries 23-03-2023

Abia Residents Gain Relief as Gov. Otti Promises Salaries 23-03-2023

Alex Otti, the next governor of Abia State, has stated that paying salaries will be his top priority once he takes office on May 29.

On Thursday’s “The Morning Show” on Arise Television, Otti made this statement.

He continued by saying that state citizens should anticipate “wide restructuring.”

Alex Otti

Otti of the Labour Party, who received a total of 175,467 votes, was proclaimed the winner of the Abia State governorship election. Otti defeated his closest challenger, Okey Ahiwe of the Peoples Democratic Party, who received 88,529 votes and finished in second place.

“As of yesterday, I had already begun interacting with banks,” he declared. They will anticipate a thorough reorganization of Abia.

“Taking out loans is not problematic; the issue is what you do with them. My top priority is paying salaries.

“We will build a stronger, larger economy, and we will take all necessary steps to ensure that our economy expands.”

He announced that he will shortly assemble a group to assist him in running his administration.

Otti declared, “I will name a team soon. They will be sworn in on May 29. I’ll choose the right folks to assist me.

“We will take it step by step and look at a lot of aspects, including revenue.”

“As you are all aware, I ran for this office three times in an effort to realize my long-held dream of restoring Abia to its rightful place as God’s own state.
God was pleased to grant us victory at this third effort, according to the governor-elect. “The siege is gone,” declared a stalwart of the Labour Party.
He continued, “We have ‘broken the gates of hell and set its bars of iron asunder’ with our ballots and the collective will of the people. We shall defeat the dominion of hell, as it is written in the holy book.

Even as I emerge from a painful and drawn-out campaign, I realize that my triumph represents a call to service,” said Mr. Otti of his victory.

“All Abia people and all citizens living in Abia, irrespective of the clan, religious opinion or political leaning,” he pledged to serve.

The governor-elect stated, “I regard my mandate as cutting across all strata of our people, and I again promise to utilize the riches flowing to the Abia people for the welfare of all the citizens.

Mr. Otti stated that he had “no resentment toward anyone and would not undertake any mission of retaliation against anyone.”

Abia state tower

“Please make room in your heart to forgive anyone we may have offended while traveling here. We have equally pardoned everyone who has harmed us, he said. “We are all brothers and sisters, and this will be a government that unites everyone in this state.”

Additionally, he pledged that “any citizen is able to use amenities in our government” without distinction.

According to Mr. Otti, he “gave a categorical commitment to all civil officials and pensioners who are due salary, pensions, and emoluments that an expedient payments plan would be put in place to guarantee that this gets the priority it deserves.”

The next governor promised that the problems with deteriorating infrastructure, “which have continued to militate against our growth and progress as a state,” would be “tackled head-on” and that amenities would be distributed fairly.

“I firmly committed to ensuring that an urgent payment plan would be implemented to give this the priority it merits for those civil officials and pensioners who are due salary, pensions, and emoluments. But I do warn that we must all work hard and row as a team in the same direction,” said Mr. Otti.

Nonetheless, he acknowledged that “there is no magic wand that can heal all the rot and decay detected in almost all portions of the system throughout the previous years.”

abia state

Mr. Otti emphasized that in order to combat the threat of flooding and re-engineer our cities, particularly Aba, Umuahia, and other cities that would be constructed in order to assist our urban renewal initiatives, “it would require a highly careful and detailed layout of master plans.”

Mr. Otti pleaded with the populace to be patient with his leadership.

“Thus, we ask for your patience and understanding while we first address the pressing issues before moving on to the bigger ones. We are still steadfast in our efforts to end poverty and bring about lasting prosperity for our people.

“Our doors will remain wide open and our channels of contact will remain unfettered so that your worthy ideas and suggestions will be a guiding light,” the governor-elect assured them.


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