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Abortion: Joe Biden’s Plan to Overturn Abortion Pill Ruling Explained

Abortion: Joe Biden’s Plan to Overturn Abortion Pill Ruling Explained

The suspension of an abortion pill’s clearance by a federal judge has been criticized by US President Joe Biden as “an unprecedented move in taking away basic liberties from women.”

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Biden stated, “My administration will challenge this decision,” in a statement released by the White House on Friday, April 8.

If the decision stands, every regulated drug would be open to “these kinds of political, ideological attacks,” according to Biden.

He added in a statement that the case and the decision were “another unprecedented step in taking away basic freedoms from women and putting their health at risk.”

Yet, a court in Washington state immediately after ruling in a different case that access to the medicine must be kept in more than a dozen states serves as evidence of how deeply the abortion debate has splintered US society.


The subject will probably certainly be heard by the Supreme Court due to the conflicting legal opinions and the appeals.

Last year, the panel, which was dominated by conservatives, reversed the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which had upheld a woman’s right to an abortion for fifty years.

Biden referred to it as an intellectual assault on the freedoms and rights of women.

“The court… substituted its decision for FDA, the former


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