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Ademola Jailed 3 Months for Stealing Mill Grinder

Ademola Jailed 3 Months for Stealing Mill Grinder

Opeyemi Ademola, 23, was sentenced to three months in prison on Monday by a magistrates’ court in Ota, Ogun, for stealing a mill grinder worth N70,000.


Ademola, whose address was omitted, was accused of theft by the police.

Opeyemi was punished by Mrs. A O. Adeyemi with the possibility of an N5,000 punishment after entering a guilty plea.

Additionally, Adeyemi mandated that the prisoner reimburse the complaint N70,000.

According to Adaraloye, the inmate distracted Hajiya Bashirat Adebuyi by pretending to be interested in purchasing N300 worth of cassava dough before robbing her of a mill grinding equipment (fufu).


According to the prosecutor, the offense violated Section 390(9) of the Criminal Code, Laws of Ogun, 2006.



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