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Airline unions imply a complete shutdown Tuesday, travellers are warned

Airline unions imply a complete shutdown Tuesday, travellers are warned

Tuesday is expected to see a complete shutdown of the (Airline) aviation sector due to a strike threat from the aviation union.

Airline Union On Strike

At the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, the General Secretary of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical, and Recreational Services Employees, Com Sikiru Waheed, made this information public.

He believes that the strike’s second day will be more successful than the first. The first day of the strike, he said, served only as a message to the populace and the administration about the seriousness of their demands.

Day two of the strike, he declared, “would be more successful than what you are seeing here right now because we only have some leverage today to serve as a warning to other people that are traveling.”

Also, he asked those who had travel arrangements for Tuesday to cancel them because the strike action will result in a complete shutdown.

So, if you need to go tomorrow, please avoid booking a flight because there will be a complete closure; tomorrow won’t be like today. We will arrive here at 5:00 am to shut off everything.

Airline union Threatens to shut Down on Tuesday

“We are pleading with everyone who wants to travel to postpone their trip until tomorrow since it can be disrupted. It serves as a warning to the general people.

When our correspondent visited the airport, it was evident that arriving passengers were left stranded as a result of high traffic and a union lockdown of the check-in rooms, which led to long lines and disrupted vehicle circulation.

However, several passengers who were supposed to travel were left stuck due to union officials locking the door to the check-in halls. The official, who requested anonymity, claimed that the union’s efforts were to blame for many of the stranded travelers missing their flights.

At the airport, the scenario resulted in chaos and uncertainty, and irate travelers voiced their displeasure at the lack of communication and support from airport staff.

I don’t see why a nation with such a large population as Nigeria can treat its nationals in such a disrespectful manner, a passenger named Justin Chinonso remarked. Citizens will experience great chaos as a result.

Flight shutdown
Airline Union on Strike

“Protest is common in all developed nations. If done quietly, it is a method of distorting our perceptions. I’ve only been in the country for two days, and I just learned about the strike now.

Another traveler, Apo, who attends Anglican Girls’ Grammar School, asked to be called Apo because Sharon had told her to come to the airport and wait for her mother to pick her up.

The mother told the daughter she had sent a driver to pick her up from the airport since 8:30 am, but because of the congestion at the airport, the vehicle had been stuck in traffic for about three hours.


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