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Ayo Fayose: Peter Obi’s Disputed Victory, Tinubu’s Fair Win(23-03–2023)

Ayo Fayose: Peter Obi’s Disputed Victory, Tinubu’s Fair Win(23-03–2023)

The recently finished presidential and gubernatorial elections have sparked a number of recent controversies, according to Ayo Fayose, a former governor of Ekiti State.

The two-term governor discussed the latest critiques of the Independent National Electoral Commission in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday (INEC).

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He emphasized that the Nigerian system should bear the brunt of the criticism for the failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission to safeguard democracy.

Ayo Fayose & Peter Obi

Was that election fair and impartial? Even though it wasn’t the best, Tinubu vowed to keep winning the election despite the fact that it wasn’t the best.

Fayose emphasized the many problems with the “weak” Nigerian system, accusing the judiciary, national security agencies, and media of negatively swaying public opinion against the country’s political system.

He asked the populace to refrain from pointing fingers and claimed that everyone was responsible for the voting process’ failure.

He highlighted that Nigeria remained the primary issue and applauded INEC for working to safeguard fair voting procedures.

“INEC is merely one party to the parties to this entire situation on the ground,” claims Fayose. Other than making sure the country’s elections are free and fair, INEC is not armed and has no other authority. The military and police are at fault and largely the politicians.”

He did, however, praise Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, comparing him to a typhoon that exposed the flaws in the Nigerian political system.

“Obi came in like a cyclone and exposed everyone, something no one has ever done. Our government is corrupt, and all candidates are guilty as charged. Our politicians are products of Nigerian society.

Fayose urged for a thorough evaluation of the Nigerian system at all levels, stating that until this was done, the change would not come.

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He asserted that Nigerian citizens needed to reignite their sense of patriotism.


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