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  • September 21, 2023
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Reviving Peace and Stability in Benue State: Governor Alia’s Endeavors


Benue State, located in the heart of Nigeria, has been grappling with a relentless wave of violence perpetuated by armed herders and local militia. Despite the optimism that accompanied the assumption of office by Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, the state’s new administration, the bloodletting has persisted, leaving communities in despair and mourning. This article delves into the recent spate of violent attacks, Governor Alia’s response, and the path towards restoring peace and stability in the state.

The Tragic Reality: Unabated Killings and Injuries


In the wake of Governor Alia’s tenure, many hoped for a season of respite from the devastating attacks that have plagued Benue State. Unfortunately, these expectations were shattered, and the violence continued unabated, resulting in the loss of nearly 90 lives within a span of just 70 days since May 29, when the former Governor Sam Ortom left office. The victims of these heinous attacks include personnel of the Benue State Community Volunteer Guards, innocent mourners, women, children, and even the elderly.

A closer examination of the timeline of attacks reveals the horrifying scope of the violence. On June 3, an attack on Imande Mbakange and neighboring communities in Mbacher Council Ward of Kastina-Ala Local Government Area claimed the lives of no fewer than 40 individuals, with many others suffering serious injuries. Just eleven days later, two separate crises unfolded between Mbasombo and Mbaivur communities of Gwer LGA, as well as Ibilla and Oju communities in Oju LGA, resulting in the death of three persons.

The bloodshed did not cease, as on July 1, a member of the BSCVGs fell victim to an ambush by unknown gunmen at Tse Anwhwan on Iorza – Jootar Road in Logo LGA. Two days later, another member of the BSCVGs lost his life, and many others were injured during an attack on Ugba, Logo LGA headquarters, perpetrated by unknown armed men.

The violence spread to an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) host community in Guma LGA on July 6, where a father of two was brutally murdered, and his farm was looted. July 7 and 8 witnessed horrifying attacks on Adogo Ugbaam, Akpuuna, and Diom communities in Ukum LGA, leaving over 33 people, including mourners, dead at the hands of armed men. The bloodshed persisted, with a July 16 attack on Igba-Ukyor and Tse Baka communities of Ushongo LGA claiming six more lives.

Governor Alia’s Response: A Glimpse of Hope


In the face of these relentless attacks, Governor Hyacinth Alia expressed his profound sadness and empathy for the people of Benue. He visited Akpuuna village in Ukum LGA to assess the damage and devastation caused by the recent murder of over 30 locals at the hands of armed men. The Governor lamented that the killings were being perpetrated by fellow Benue citizens, causing immense sorrow and anguish.

Addressing the community, Governor Alia reaffirmed his commitment to restoring peace and stability to Benue State. He urged the youths of Akpuuna to resist further violence and called for an end to the cycle of bloodshed. The Governor highlighted the vital role of Ukum Local Government, which serves as the headquarters of yam production in the state, making it crucial to preserve its peaceful image and economic significance.

In his effort to curb the violence, Governor Alia emphasized that the attacks were perpetrated by internal actors, not external forces. He pledged to investigate the root causes of the violence and bring the culprits to justice, ensuring that law and order prevail in the state. Governor Alia also reiterated his administration’s willingness to grant amnesty to those who repent and seek to reintegrate into society, offering them rehabilitation and training.

A Path Towards Peace: Unity and Collaboration


To achieve lasting peace and stability in Benue State, it is essential for all stakeholders to come together and collaborate. Unity among the people, government, and law enforcement agencies is vital in curbing the ongoing violence and preventing future outbreaks. Local communities must work hand in hand with the authorities to identify and report potential threats, ensuring timely intervention to thwart violence.

Governor Alia’s call for youth engagement and cooperation is instrumental in fostering an environment of peace and prosperity. Young people, as the future leaders of the state, have the power to shape its destiny positively. Encouraging them to participate in peaceful initiatives, education, and skill-building programs will not only deter them from engaging in violence but also equip them to contribute constructively to the development of Benue State.

Furthermore, addressing the underlying causes of conflict is crucial. Issues such as land disputes, resource allocation, and cultural differences can fuel violence if left unaddressed. By establishing forums for dialogue and mediation, the government can create spaces for open communication and negotiation, fostering understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.



The relentless armed herders and local militia-induced killings in Benue State have plunged communities into grief and despair. Despite the initial optimism surrounding Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration, the violence persisted, leaving many to question the path towards peace. However, the Governor’s resolve to investigate the root causes, offer amnesty to repentant criminals, and foster unity provides a glimmer of hope.

To achieve lasting peace, the people of Benue State must unite and collaborate with the government and law enforcement agencies. The youth, in particular, play a critical role in shaping the state’s future, and empowering them with education and skill-building opportunities can lead to a brighter and more peaceful tomorrow.

As the people of Benue work towards healing and reconciliation, let us all stand together in support of their efforts. Only through unity and a collective commitment to peace can Benue State overcome the challenges it faces and move towards a brighter, safer, and more prosperous future.