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Benue State Government Declares Emergency on Infrastructural Development – A Comprehensive Overhaul of Roads Planned

Benue State Government Declares Emergency on Infrastructural Development – A Comprehensive Overhaul of Roads Planned


In a significant move towards revitalizing the infrastructural landscape of Benue State, the government has declared a state of emergency on infrastructural development. This pivotal decision was reached during the recent State Executive Council (SEC) meeting held in Makurdi, the state capital. The meeting, presided over by the Deputy Governor, Dr. Sam Ode, witnessed a unanimous resolution to tackle the alarming infrastructural decay that has plagued the state for some time.

Recognizing the Urgency

The Commissioner for Works and Housing, Itiza Imojime, addressed the media on Thursday, shedding light on the critical aspects of this declaration. He emphasized that the state of infrastructure in Benue demands immediate and resolute action. He stated, “The state of infrastructure in the state requires that the emergency be declared, and in that regard, all necessary actions are being taken to address the infrastructural decay.”

This announcement signifies a turning point in the state’s commitment to addressing its infrastructure challenges head-on. The government acknowledges the pressing need for action, and the declaration of a state of emergency underscores the urgency of the situation.

Comprehensive Road Overhaul

One of the primary focal points of this emergency declaration is the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads in Benue State. Imojime revealed, “We are dealing with the urgency of now, but as we do that we will plan well and get it right. We want to ensure that whatever we do stands the test of time.” This commitment to meticulous planning and execution ensures that the revamped infrastructure will serve the state effectively for years to come.

The Commissioner further emphasized the dire state of roads in Makurdi town and other parts of the state, stressing that actions are underway for a complete overhaul. The government is fully aware of the state’s road network’s significance in facilitating transportation, commerce, and overall development. Therefore, it is committed to ensuring that the road infrastructure is restored to its optimal condition.

Collaboration with Federal Authorities

In addition to addressing state roads, the government has taken proactive steps to engage federal authorities for the rehabilitation of federal roads within Benue State. By collaborating with relevant agencies, the government aims to expedite the process of improving connectivity both within and beyond the state.

Focus on Safety and Structural Integrity

The recent tragic incident involving the collapse of the Dunamis Church building in Makurdi was also a topic of discussion during the SEC meeting. The Council directed the Ministries of Works and Housing, Cooperatives, Rural and Urban Development, as well as that of Lands, Survey, and Solid Minerals, to conduct comprehensive tests on the collapsed building. This thorough investigation is aimed at ascertaining the exact cause of the tragedy.

Furthermore, the Council resolved that structural integrity tests be conducted on buildings throughout the state. Any structure that fails these tests will be subject to demolition. This decisive action ensures the safety of residents and visitors while also upholding building standards and regulations.

Combating Illegal Structures

In line with its commitment to improving urban planning and environmental sustainability, the government has pledged to remove all illegal structures, including any buildings erected in waterways. This proactive approach is essential for safeguarding lives and property while maintaining a conducive environment for development.

Boosting Agricultural Production

Beyond infrastructure, the Benue State Government remains steadfast in its commitment to boosting agricultural production in the state. The State Executive Council urged residents to actively engage with government agricultural policies. By participating in these initiatives, individuals can contribute to the state’s agricultural growth and economic development.

Empowering the Youth

Recognizing the potential of the youth in driving progress and development, the Council urged young people in the state to register with the Ministry of Youths, Sports, and Creativity. This registration will allow the government to gather essential data for informed decision-making and tailored programs to empower the youth.

In conclusion, the declaration of a state of emergency on infrastructural development in Benue State signifies a pivotal moment in the state’s commitment to progress. The government’s proactive approach to revamping roads, ensuring structural integrity, and empowering the youth demonstrates its dedication to a brighter and more prosperous future for the people of Benue.


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