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Bobrisky’s Heartbreaking Admission: “I Miss My Friendship With Tonto”

Bobrisky’s Heartbreaking Admission: “I Miss My Friendship With Tonto”

Bobrisky confessed that he misses his friendship with Tonto Dikeh in a recent interview with media personality Toke Makinwa, cross-dresser and social media influencer.

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Bob Risky & Tonto Dike

Remember that after years of sisterly affection and strong connection, both pals had a falling out a few years ago that resulted in a public feud, slinging insults at each other before finally breaking ties.

When asked about a friend with whom he had a falling out and his regrets during the interview, Bobrisky replied, “I suppose Tonto, absolutely.”

He admitted that he misses his former friend a lot, because she was more like a sister to him, always looking out for him and counseling him. He went on to say that “two to three months after the fallout, “I began to miss her.”

Bobrisky also admitted that his five-year friendship with Tonto couldn’t endure any longer due to their impatient personalities — he stated that their being friends for so long were even thanks to his tolerance for the bond.

Bobrisky & Tonto Dike

He admitted that while he was hot-tempered, Tonto was as well, and their friendship could not endure as long.

Throughout the interview, Bobrisky hinted at dating someone seriously, and when Toke Makinwa inquired about him becoming less hot-tempered and expressed her observations, the influencer blushed.

Bobrisky claimed that, as a result of his feud with Tonto, he is learning to be less hot-tempered, and so we don’t see as many fights from the cross-dresser on the internet as before.


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