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Bode George Takes Aim at Onanuga Over Anti-Igbo Remarks

Bode George Takes Aim at Onanuga Over Anti-Igbo Remarks

Onanuga, a representative to the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, had made a few anti-Igbo comments that started shock on social media.

George said he is astounded that Onanuga is talking for Tinubu after making a few disdainful and affecting comments on social media, which he depicted as despise discourse, saying that the APC chieftain isn’t indeed from Lagos.

Taking after the conclusion of Saturday’s Governorship race in Lagos State, Onanuga cautioned Igbos against “interfering” with legislative issues within the state.


Agreeing with him, 2023 ought to be the final time Igbos meddled in Lagos legislative issues, including that the state has a place for Yoruba.

Review that Lagos State was defaced by ethnic pressures some days sometime recently the decision.


Showing up on Emerge TV on Tuesday morning, George said, “…This is what I called existential franticness. He[Bayo Onanuga] isn’t indeed from Lagos. He came from Ijebu. I said they ought to take him to the worldwide court of equity for abhor discourse.

“And he needs to take after the tender man[Tinubu] to the Estate. Where you’ll discover the Igbos and all the tribes of Nigeria, how are you planning to work with them? What you’ll not take, don’t do to other individuals. I’m astounded that he still talks for the so-called candidate, how? It has never happened here.

“Why ought we lower our benchmarks and debase ourselves? Making that kind of explanation freely and saying he has no expression of remorse. They ought to take him to the worldwide court of equity for despise discourse since when it begins we don’t know how it’ll be concluded. We either live together as human creatures or we go to the creature kingdom.”


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