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Breach Alert: ChatGPT Bug Causes Privacy Issues (21-03-2023)

Breach Alert: ChatGPT Bug Causes Privacy Issues (21-03-2023)

As of Tuesday morning, ChatGPT’s chat history feature is not available due to a fault that allowed users of the site to view brief summaries of other users’ discussions.


One person claimed multiple ChatGPT discussions in a photo they posted on Reddit weren’t their own, while another user claimed the same bug in a screenshot they provided on Twitter. A representative for OpenAI verified the occurrence to Bloomberg, emphasizing that only brief descriptive titles rather than full transcripts of talks were shared by the bug.
The problem serves as a crucial warning to be cautious while sharing sensitive information with ChatGPT.

The business cannot remove individual suggestions from a user’s history, and talks may be utilized for training, according to a FAQ on OpenAI’s website, which asks users to refrain from sharing any sensitive information in their conversations. But as organizations continue to experiment with how to employ the new tool, there will unavoidably be a tremendous desire to divulge private information to the chatbot.


According to Bloomberg, OpenAI temporarily stopped ChatGPT on Monday due to the problem, but it was eventually put back up. As at the time of this writing, a message has taken the place of the chat history sidebar, stating that the firm is “trying to restore this service as quickly as possible” and that “History is temporarily unavailable.” The most recent status update from 10:54 PM ET on Monday states that service has been resumed but that all users’ previous conversation histories are still being worked on.

According to Bloomberg, the problem is believed to be the result of a defect in an unnamed open-source program, though the particular cause is still under investigation.


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