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Breakdown of the Edo Massacre: Gunmen Kill 3 Cops

Breakdown of the Edo Massacre: Gunmen Kill 3 Cops

In an attack in Edo State on Thursday, gunmen murdered three police officers while injuring one more.

The officers were reportedly on their way to their duty station when they were attacked close to Agor on the Igarra-Auchi Road in the Edo State.
One of the attackers was reportedly also killed, while the other, who had been shot, was transported to an unnamed hospital for treatment and questioning.

Gunmen bandit
EDO cops attack

It was learned that the event occurred between 5:30 am and 6:00 am not far from the well-known Agor Market, where mobile police officers typically set up roadblocks.

Six firearms were discovered among the attackers, it was learned.

The policeman was allegedly riding in a car as a fellow officer followed behind them on a motorcycle when they were attacked.

However, the policeman riding in the back attacked the attackers, who then escaped into the bush after being killed while carrying the four policemen’s firearms.

Edo Attack

Ibukun Dogo, the leader of the local vigilante group, commented on the occurrence and claimed that they had followed the attackers by bloodstains to their hiding place where they were met by two of them who had been shot.

“One was killed by gunfire, and the police took the other to the hospital. At the area where the attackers were located, we also uncovered another two police weapons.

“The suspect claimed to be from Okene in Kogi State, but we don’t know their intended use for the weapons and ammunition or whether they were planning an armed robbery or kidnapping.”


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