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Celebrating a Transport Institute Milestone: First-Quarter Induction 31-03-2023

Celebrating a Transport Institute Milestone: First-Quarter Induction 31-03-2023

In the Lagos neighborhood of Victoria Island on Wednesday, the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria held its first-quarter induction and investiture ceremony with the topic “Professional Growth in Transport.”

In his opening remarks, Dr. Kayode Finsta, the event’s chairman and executive director of the Centre for Sustainable Mobility and Access Development, urged the federal ministry of transportation to compile the decisions made by the national council of transportation to advance the industry.

In his speech, Dr. Opeifa revealed that the federal ministry of transportation was encouraged to establish a master plan for the railway system and other modes of transportation at a summit conducted by the national council of transportation in 2002.

“Furthermore, at that summit, I recommended in my paper that the ministry establish a rail master plan; that was in 2002; it has been 21 years; we are still in phase 1 and transitioning to phase 2, he continued.


“The President has signed legislation removing railroad from the exclusive to concurrent, which makes it even more important to examine that strategy for railroad and other transport systems.

Hence, I would propose that the ministry develop a compendium for us and CIOTA to partner with the ministry in all of the national councils of transport that have been held up to this point so that we can see how far we have come and those things we have not done.” He added.

In order to ensure that people who worked for the ministry were chartered transporters, he urged the CIOTA to collaborate closely with the ministry of transportation.

The induction lecturer, Prof. Callistus Ibe of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, encouraged the newly inducted fellows, members, and associates to project a professional image and seek fresh approaches to solving issues.

As specialists in the field, we must, he continued, “continue to study.”

The chairman of the CIOTA, Segun Finsta, said the organization was devoted to improving and bringing best practices to the management of transportation in Nigeria as he gave the inductees plaques.


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