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Chaos in Lagos: Bus Drivers Protest ‘Extortions’ by MC Oluomo Team

Chaos in Lagos: Bus Drivers Protest ‘Extortions’ by MC Oluomo Team

Recently, several Lagos State citizens have been abandoned. They were left stranded at many locations in Lagos on Wednesday morning as Danfo drivers demonstrated against the excessive fees being collected by members of the Lagos State Park and Gardens Management Committee, led by Musiliu Akinsanya, also known as MC Oluomo. The demonstration, which began at the expressway’s Toll Gate end between Lagos and Abeokuta, was quickly expanding to other areas of Lagos State.

Agbero ddd

The bus drivers refused to operate, citing extortion and alleged brutality by the state-backed officials, forcing commuters to walk long distances to their various destinations. It was said that the bus drivers and their helpers could be seen carrying different signs in protest of the alleged extortion.

“We are tired of Agberos extortion,” “we can’t continue working for Agberos,” “we pay over N25,000 every day to agberos extortion,” and “Extortion killing us,” and other statements were written on the placards. Extortions Agberos, according to one of the drivers, Musiliu Onafowokan, are murdering drivers in Lagos as their profit margin is being reduced on a daily basis.

Agbero on strike

Onafowokan stated, “As drivers, we can no longer fulfill daily obligations since we pay agberos so much every day and we are unable to make ends meet once more. We are unable to handle both our obligations at home.

“Since we work for the agberos, our children are unable to attend school any longer. If we don’t pay on time, they wreck our cars, so it’s better for the government to take action right away because we won’t stop protesting until something is done. Sikiru Mustapha, who also spoke, urged the Lagos State administration to put an end to the state’s extortion of drivers.


He declared that Agberos leader Musiliu Akinsanya, better known as MC Oluomo, should be put to account for his actions. The strain on us is too great, he said. On a daily level, we pay dearly. We won’t stop demonstrating if the government doesn’t take anything to alleviate this plight. They jeopardize our investment and annoy us with their touts, leaving us at their mercy on a daily basis.

“They rob us of money at every bus stop. There is too much misery; we cannot go on in this way. We cannot work while acting like beggars.


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