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Court Battle Looms as Ashiru Vows to Reclaim Mandate (24-03-2023).

Court Battle Looms as Ashiru Vows to Reclaim Mandate (24-03-2023).

Isah Ashiru Kudan, the Peoples Democratic Party’s candidate for governor of Kaduna State in the just-completed election, has threatened to defend his victory in court.

Ashiru stated he had faith in the courts and that he will do everything in his power to maintain his mandate since “it’s the people’s mandate.”

The state’s INEC collation officer, Prof. Lawal Suleiman Bilbis, declared that the APC candidate for governor received 730,002 votes, outpacing Ashiru, who received 719,196 votes.

Jonathan Asake, the governorship candidate for the Labour Party, received 58,283 votes to finish third. Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi, the candidate for the New Nigeria Peoples Party, finished in a distant fourth place with 21,405 votes.


The PDP governorship candidate pledged to use legal methods to regain the mandate during a press conference he gave on Thursday in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Ashiru, however, pleaded with the PDP supporters to maintain their composure and refrain from seizing control of the situation.

He added that at this crucial juncture in the country’s democratic development, the state could not afford to miss out on peace.

“I am confident that we will restore the mandate,” he stated. It is not my mandate. The mandate belongs to the good people of Kaduna State, and it is my duty to see to it that we get it back. Through God’s particular grace, we shall be able to fulfill the mandate for the people.

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“We have established procedures and legislation that govern how we can reclaim our mission. The other choice we have in this situation is going to court. The first is to ask the Independent National Electoral Commission for administrative action.

The second is headed for court. The tribunal, the appeals court, and the supreme court are all addressed by the first court. Please know that we have faith in the Nigerian judicial system. It is also the average man’s last chance.

“I don’t dread going to court because I trust the judicial system, and they will fairly handle the matter with God’s unique grace.”

“I want to reassure you that our citizens uphold the law. They won’t ever be associated with rebellious elements. To regain our mandate, we will adhere to procedures.

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“I want to promise you that even if we go on a protest, it will be peaceful,” he continued. I want to reassure you that as long as Kaduna State is kept peaceful, not one of our members would be found wanting. Kaduna State is in danger.

“After years of the APC rule, the security situation is something that we are still struggling to get our two eyes closed when sleeping in the state. None of our members will receive any encouragement from us to act improperly. We must value peace and work to maintain it throughout the state.


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