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Crisis in Ondo: Citizens Unite vs Kidnap Threats

Crisis in Ondo: Citizens Unite vs Kidnap Threats
Ondo Protest

On Friday, youths from the Uso Village in Ondo State’s Owo Local Government Area protested the robbers’ abduction of two locals.

It was said that the victims were abducted and carried into the forest while traveling on the Akure-Owo Expressway.

According to a source, one of the three first victims of the kidnapping managed to escape.

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According to reports, the event incensed the neighborhood’s adolescents, who organized the protest along the road.

Because of the demonstrators’ blockade of the main freeway, there was heavy traffic for several hours.

The police made numerous attempts to appease them, but they were unsuccessful since they insisted on blocking the road.

The police were credited for successfully dispersing the protesters, nevertheless.


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