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Danger in Lagos: 349 Buildings at Risk, Govt Warns

Danger in Lagos: 349 Buildings at Risk, Govt Warns
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The state government’s website publicized the names of the buildings and their locations.

This information was made available by the state government of the state through the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA).

The potential distressed structures were discovered after a rigorous monitoring exercise, according to the agency’s general manager, Gbolahan Owodunni Oki, with the goal of preventing collapse and its associated impacts, such as the loss of lives and property.

All of the structures that have been identified, he continued, exhibit warning signs that they may not be suitable for human habitation, including cracks, spalling, bulging, exposed reinforcement, sinking, and tilting; as a result, non-destructive testing (NDT) must be performed on them to determine their structural stability.

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He stated that despite proper service of statutory notices on the owners/developers to conduct the urgently required NDT, the Agency has not yet heard back from them.

Oki continued by saying that the publication serves as a final reminder to the owners of the impacted buildings to do the NDT and follow the test’s recommendations, which may involve re-engineering, refurbishment, or removal, depending on the circumstances.

He insisted that in the event of removal, a Demolition Permit should be sought from the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority before removal and that in the case of re-engineering or refurbishment, a Renovation Permit should be obtained from the same Agency (LASPPPA).

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The structures will be removed by LASBCA in the interest of public safety and in accordance with the regulatory provisions of the Law, according to Oki, who added that in the event that LASBCA removes the structures, the cost of demolition will be borne by the owner/developer of the structures. All owners/developers have 90 days following the publication to take the necessary action.

In accordance with the State’s construction rules, he also exhorted all property owners and developers to do thorough maintenance inspections on their buildings and to obtain the Certificate of Completion and Fitness for Habitation for all new and existing structures that have not yet done so.


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