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Declaring a State of Emergency: Auchi Road’s Urgent Need for Remediation

Declaring a State of Emergency: Auchi Road’s Urgent Need for Remediation


In recent times, the erosion problem in Auchi, Edo state, and its surrounding areas has reached alarming proportions, raising significant concerns among residents and government officials alike. The House of Representatives has taken note of this critical issue and has called for immediate action to address the erosion problem. In this article, we delve into the details of this pressing matter, highlighting the urgent need for declaring a state of emergency on Auchi road and the comprehensive remediation measures required to safeguard lives and properties.

The Erosion Crisis in Auchi, Edo State

Auchi, a vibrant town located in Edo state, Nigeria, has been grappling with a severe erosion crisis that threatens the well-being of its residents and the overall infrastructure of the area. The erosion issue extends beyond Auchi itself, affecting neighboring communities and key transportation routes, most notably the Auchi to Agenebode Federal Highway.

The Bridge Linking Communities: A Critical Cut-off

One of the most glaring consequences of the erosion problem in Auchi is the cut-off of the road linking Auchi and Agenebode. Erosion has taken its toll on the bridge connecting Iddo-Okugbe Communities with Awuyemi Community, rendering it impassable. This disruption has had dire consequences for the local population, as it hampers access to essential services and transportation to other parts of the country.

The Toll on Commuters: Extortion and Inconvenience

The severity of the situation has led to a troubling phenomenon where the local youth have had to create alternative routes for commuters. While this may provide a temporary solution, it has resulted in an unfortunate consequence—extortion of commuters. Desperate to reach their destinations, travelers are forced to pay unofficial fees, adding to the financial burden they already face.

The House of Representatives Takes Action

In recognition of the gravity of the situation, Hon. Anamero Dekeri sponsored a motion on notice in the House of Representatives, drawing attention to the environmental degradation in Etsako Federal Constituency caused by rainstorm disasters and gully erosion. The House, understanding the urgency of the matter, has put forth several resolutions to address this crisis comprehensively.

Declaring a State of Emergency

Foremost among these resolutions is the call for the federal government to declare a state of emergency in the affected area. This declaration is not merely symbolic but serves as a crucial step toward securing the necessary resources and attention to tackle the erosion problem head-on. It is a plea to prioritize the well-being and safety of the residents of Auchi and its environs.

Urgent Intervention by FERMA

Recognizing the immediate need for action, the House has also called upon the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to urgently intervene. FERMA’s role in reconstructing the bridge linking Iddo-Okugbe Communities with Awuyemi Community and the Ayogwiri-Ogbona axis of the Auchi to Agenebode Federal Highway cannot be overstated. Immediate action in this regard is crucial to restoring normalcy to the lives of the affected residents and commuters.

Compelling the Contractor to Resume Work

Another pivotal resolution put forth by the House pertains to the contractor responsible for the Auchi/Agenebode road project. The House has urged the Federal Ministry of Works to compel the contractor to resume work without delay. This serves as a clear directive to expedite the construction process and restore vital transportation links.

Restoring Electricity and Communication

The erosion crisis has not only disrupted transportation but has also severed essential utilities. The Rural Electrification Agency has been called upon to replace damaged electricity poles, wires, and other components. This includes the reconnection of affected communities to the national grid, ensuring that residents have access to basic amenities once again.

Addressing Environmental Degradation

Hon. Anamero Dekeri has passionately addressed the increasing rate of environmental degradation in Etsako Federal Constituency, emphasizing the devastating impact on lives, properties, farmlands, and agricultural produce. The recent rainstorm disaster in Okpella, Etsako East Local Government Area, is a stark reminder of the urgent need to combat this environmental crisis.

Gully Erosion Sites

Erosion’s destructive force is not limited to one area alone. In Etsako West Local Government Area, numerous gully erosion sites have emerged, posing significant dangers to both lives and properties. Communities such as Ogwokhai, Aibotse Hitage Zone, Osomeke, Oshiomhole Village, and the Aviele-Auchi Federal Highway have all felt the impact of these environmental challenges.

The Auchi to Agenebode Federal Highway

The Auchi to Agenebode Federal Highway, a critical transportation artery, has suffered immensely due to the erosion crisis. A large gully has rendered the Ayogwiri-Ogbona axis of the road impassable, disrupting vehicular movement from the Northern to Southern parts of the country. This underscores the urgency of remediation efforts to restore this vital route.


In conclusion, the erosion problem in Auchi, Edo state, and its neighboring areas is a grave concern that demands immediate and comprehensive action. The House of Representatives, through a motion sponsored by Hon. Anamero Dekeri, has called for a state of emergency to address this crisis. Urgent intervention by FERMA, compelling the contractor to resume work, restoring electricity and communication, and combating environmental degradation are among the critical steps needed to alleviate the suffering of the affected communities.

The time for action is now. By declaring a state of emergency and implementing these resolutions, we can ensure the safety, well-being, and prosperity of the people of Auchi and its environs. The erosion problem is a formidable challenge, but with concerted effort and commitment, we can overcome it and pave the way for a brighter future for all.


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