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“Ditch Liverpool”: A Surprising Message to Steven Gerrard

“Ditch Liverpool”: A Surprising Message to Steven Gerrard
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Richard Keys, a former Sky Sports broadcaster, has advised Steven Gerrard to cut ties with Liverpool if he wants to have a successful managerial career.

In a recent charity match at Anfield between the Liverpool Legends team and a Celtic XI, Gerrard made his first return to the venue since being fired as the manager of Aston Villa in October 2022.

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In a blog post, Keys voiced his opinions and suggested that Gerrard’s connection to Liverpool may have been one of the factors hindering his success at Aston Villa because the team’s supporters recognized him as their former captain rather than the team’s manager.

For a few more years, Keys encouraged Gerrard to keep his distance from Liverpool and refrain from making such appearances if he still wanted to pursue a career in coaching or management.

Moreover, Keys condemned Gerrard for mocking Celtic supporters after scoring in the charity game, saying that the supporters had donated money to the cause and were entitled to participate in the event. Recently, numerous managerial openings in Europe, notably those at Trabzonspor, Paris Saint-Germain, and the Polish national team, had been linked to Gerrard.


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