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E-Naira Policy: Expert Exclusion Causes Concern

E-Naira Policy: Expert Exclusion Causes Concern

E-naira:- Mr. Emmanuel Adams, a business and fintech consultant, claimed that after closely examining the CBN’s e-Naira operations, he had concluded that the adoption of the digital currency was a waste of taxpayers’ money.


In a remark made in Nnewi, Anambra State, Mr. Adams, an entrepreneur, and author, said that roughly five years ago, certain people in Africa championed the cause of digital financial transactions and infrastructure driven by blockchain.

eNaira website goes live, displays CBN digital currency features

He pointed out that the CBN should be thinking about what a contemporary cash infrastructure might look like right now. What should the infrastructure for payments look like? How can the financial inclusion gap be permanently closed? What changes can be made to cross-border payments with digital currencies?

And we, the early adopters of blockchain technology in Africa, have long held the view that the CBN should have a role in providing the answers to those issues.


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