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Eagles Soaring Above Wild Dogs in Guinea Bissau 1-0

Eagles Soaring Above Wild Dogs in Guinea Bissau 1-0

Nigeria’s Super Eagles won the second leg of their 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match against Guinea-Bissau Wild Dogs at their home turf on Monday.


Nigeria scored after 30 minutes from Moses Simon’s penalty to lead Group A with 9 points.

Last Friday, The Eagles lost the first leg at Moshood Abiola Stadium in Abuja and failed to take win leaving them in second place while the Wild Dogs took first.


However, Guinea Bissau, after the defeat, is now in second place with 7 points, while Cameroon is third with 5 points and Sao Tome is in fourth place.

In previous games, Nigeria beat Sierra Leone 2-1 in the opening match and beat Sao Tome and Principe 10-0.

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