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Ember’ months: FRSC Counsels Motorists on Dangers of Speeding


In the heart of Delta State, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has taken a steadfast stand in its mission to ensure safer roads during the notorious ‘Ember’ months. As the holiday season approaches, the Delta State Sector Command of the FRSC is fervently counseling motorists to exercise utmost caution and restraint, particularly with regards to speeding. This counsel, imparted by Mr. Bassey Eshiet, the sector Commander, carries immense significance, as it can potentially save lives and mitigate the harrowing statistics of road accidents that often plague this period.

The Perilous ‘Ember’ Months

The term ‘Ember’ months, which encompasses the last four months of the year (September to December), has earned a notorious reputation in Nigeria and many other parts of the world. This period is marked by a significant increase in road accidents and fatalities, with speeding emerging as the primary culprit behind these tragic incidents.

During these ‘Ember’ months, a surge in travel activities is observed, as many individuals rush to their hometowns for various festivities. The desire to reach their destinations swiftly often leads motorists to disregard basic safety precautions, putting themselves and others at risk. Speeding becomes an ingrained behavior, fueled by the urgency to return on the same day, which ultimately leads to catastrophic consequences.

The Leading Cause of Crashes: Speeding

It is an undeniable fact that speeding is the leading cause of road accidents in Nigeria, as well as in many other parts of the world. The consequences of speeding are far-reaching and devastating, often resulting in loss of lives, injuries, and extensive property damage. In an effort to curb this perilous practice, the FRSC has embarked on an advocacy campaign, urging drivers to exercise restraint and reduce their speed during the ‘Ember’ months.

The Role of Speed Limiting Devices

To enforce the imperative need for reduced speed during this period, the FRSC recommends the installation of speed limiting devices. These devices play a pivotal role in ensuring that vehicles operate within safe speed limits. The FRSC employs advanced tools like radar speed guns to monitor a vehicle’s speed accurately. When a driver is suspected of overspeeding, they are issued a ticket, holding them accountable for the violation. This proactive measure aims to discourage reckless driving and promote responsible behavior on the roads.

Sobriety Behind the Wheel

Aside from speeding, another dangerous practice that often contributes to accidents is alcohol consumption before embarking on a journey. Mr. Bassey Eshiet emphasizes the critical importance of sobriety behind the wheel. He advises drivers to refrain from alcohol intake before taking to the road, as intoxication impairs vision and judgment, posing a grave danger to both the driver and other road users.

The Power of Cooperation

While the FRSC plays a vital role in road safety enforcement, their efforts are significantly enhanced when members of the public cooperate actively. The call for cooperation extends to both drivers and passengers alike. To ensure a safe motoring environment, it is incumbent upon every road user to obey traffic rules and regulations diligently.

Mr. Eshiet underscores the significance of channeling grievances appropriately, assuring that any concerns will be addressed promptly. This approach fosters a harmonious relationship between road users and the FRSC, with the ultimate goal of saving lives and reducing road accidents.

The Commitment to Road Safety

The Delta State Sector Command of the FRSC remains unwavering in its commitment to road safety. To bolster compliance with traffic rules and regulations, the sector command conducts extensive road safety enlightenment campaigns and rigorous enforcement activities. These efforts are not merely seasonal but continue year-round to ensure the safety and well-being of all road users.

In conclusion, the ‘Ember’ months are a period of heightened travel activity and increased road risks. However, with the guidance and counsel of the Federal Road Safety Corps, motorists can take proactive steps to ensure their safety and that of others. By avoiding speeding, refraining from alcohol and drug use while driving, and cooperating with law enforcement, we can collectively contribute to safer roads during this critical period.

As we approach the ‘Ember’ months, let us all embrace responsible and cautious driving practices, knowing that our actions on the road have a direct impact on the lives and well-being of our fellow citizens. Safety should always be our top priority.


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