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From PSG to Barcelona: How Are the Lionel Messi Talks Going?

From PSG to Barcelona: How Are the Lionel Messi Talks Going?
BAck then in Barcelona

Lionel Messi has been contacted by FC Barcelona regarding a potential summer return, according to vice president Rafa Yuste.

In 2021, the Argentine great is infamous for leaving Barca in tears. He then signed a two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain that expires on June 30 after joining the club as a free agent.

Messi’s contract at Parc des Princes included an optional extra year, which he has so far been hesitant to exercise. Messi is a seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or.


According to a Friday report from Mundo Deportivo, PSG is willing to give Messi “more money and more years” than simply the extra “plus one.”

According to a report from the French sports publication L’Equipe on Thursday, Messi presently earns €3.375 million ($3.7 million) per month from the Ligue 1 powerhouses, placing him third in the standings behind teammate Neymar and leader Kylian Mbappe.

Yuste acknowledged his club’s interest in re-signing Messi during a press conference earlier today in Spain.

“I love Leo [Messi] and his family, and they know it. I took part in the negotiations, which regrettably did not result in a favorable outcome, “Yuste started by remembering the Argentine’s departure.


“Leo’s inability to stay in our club is a pain in my side. If La Masia and amateur football are on the table, Messi is involved.

“For what it could signify on a sporting, social, and economic level, it goes without saying that I would adore for him to return. Yes, we communicate with them “Yuste acknowledged.


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