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G5 govs not dead, we won’t disclose election strategy – Wike


The governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, has said that the aggrieved governors of the PDP, known as G5 is not dead and will act on February 25.

This was as Wike said the G5 governors would not reveal their strategy ahead of the forthcoming elections starting on February 25.

He spoke on Tuesday during the party’s governorship campaign in the Ahoada East Local Government Area of the state.

“They don’t know there is a time to talk and there is a time to take action in politics. The action is on February 25. They can’t know our plans even if they push us. The more you look, the less you see,” he said.

“None of the vultures can withstand me and talk. Nobody can sell Rivers State for a pot of porridge.”

On the cancellation of the presidential rally of Atiku in Rivers, Wike said, “When they said they cancelled the rally, it is a lie; they don’t want to tell us that they can’t mobilise. In any case, PDP hasn’t told us that they love Rivers State.

“We had a problem here; heavy flood that occupied our houses. Did anybody whether the PDP (presidential) candidate or any leadership of the party, did they come to sympathise with us? But they went to Bayelsa, went to Delta. They showed us they don’t love us. No problem but our destiny is in our hands. Nobody can force us to anything.”

“Peter Obi came, I gave him vehicles, he campaigned and left, nothing happened to him. Kwankwaso came here, I gave him vehicles, he campaigned and nothing happened to him. APC has applied and I have given them stadium; if them want vehicles from me, I will give them. But your party (PDP) said there is insecurity in Rivers,” he said.


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