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Governor-Elect:- Katsina Governor-Elect: Creating the Right Environment to Overcome Challenges. (20-03-2023).

Governor Elect

In order to ensure that his government’s strategic policies are in line with contemporary reality and implemented transparently and successfully, he also pledged to create a team that is dynamic, diverse, and inclusive based on merit.

On Sunday, Radda was speaking just after the Independent National Electoral Commission announced that he had won the election for governor of Katsina State (INEC).

He also gave the people of Katsina assurances that, among other things, he would reconstruct the economy, educate the youth, help the weak, and give excellent public service.

I will place the security of our state above all else, and we will vigorously pursue any banditry and criminal elements in our state.

To be perfectly clear, my government would do everything within its power to ensure safety in every nook and cranny of Our state.

“Visionary leadership requires setting clear, attainable goals, and I am certain that I can run a government that will fulfill its obligations to the people of Katsina State.

Kastina State

“Our youth are our future; they will someday work as educators, physicians, engineers, technicians, business owners, and leaders. I shall remain steadfastly committed to Katsina State’s youth throughout my presidency.

“The youth will be the foundation of our economic expansion, and we will support you with all of the government’s resources to help you realize your goals.

“As the winners of the 2023 gubernatorial election, we think it is now time to deliver nothing less than our best as a government. We begged Allah to grant us victory if we are the best individuals to lead the Katsina state.

“As your governor, I promise to exercise my powers with humility, diligence, and sincerity.

“I would want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who supported the APC and me during the election. Also, I want to thank everyone who took part in our democratic process.


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