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Hakimi’s Mother Reacts to Trending News

Hakimi’s Mother Reacts to Trending News

Hiba and Hakimi
Haba filled Divorce against Hakimi

Saida Mouh, the mother of Moroccan and Paris Saint-Germain defender Achraf Hakimi, responded to reports that her son’s riches had been transferred into her name by denying knowledge of any such arrangement.

The news that Hakimi’s ex-wife Hiba Abouk could not inherit half of his assets because they were held in his mother’s name last weekend sent social media into a frenzy.

According to Morocco World News, Hakimi’s mother, Mouh, broke the quiet on Wednesday and told Moroccan media that her son had not informed her about the transfer, despite the fact that the subject has drawn conflicting opinions around the world.

If he has taken any measures to defend himself, I am not aware of them, Mouh added. If the news is accurate, what is the issue? My kid won’t be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk] if he doesn’t do this.

Recent rumors claim that Abouk would not inherit any of Hakimi’s wealth because everything is registered in the name of the Moroccan footballer’s mother.

Hakimi and His Mother

Last Friday, the Spanish news outlet Marca stated that Abouk had asked for half of Hakimi’s wealth and property but that she had found he has nothing to his name.

The same source claims that Hakimi’s mother is the only recipient of his income and assets, and she has been receiving his paychecks into her bank account for some time.

Hiba Abouk, a Spanish-Tunisian actress, and the Moroccan athlete separated last month.

One of the most expensive athletes in Africa, Hakimi is regarded as one of the top right-backs in the world.


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