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INEC’s Voice Heard: Kabir Emerges Winner in Kano Guber. (20-03-2023).

INEC’s Voice Heard: Kabir Emerges Winner in Kano Guber. (20-03-2023).

With a margin of more than 100,000 votes, Yusuf defeated Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, a candidate for the All Progressive Congress (APC).

In the Kano Collation Centre, INEC’s headquarters in Kano, Prof. Ahmad Doko Ibrahim, the returning officer for the election, announced the results.

Yusuf received 1,019,602 votes in the final results, according to Returning Officer Professor Ahmad Doko Ibrahim, while Nasir Yusuf Gawuna, the APC candidate, received 890,705 votes, placing him in second place.
Total valid votes: 1,977,872
Rejected votes: 27,092
Total votes cast: 2,084

Kano Elected Govenor

Margin of victory: 128,897

Total incidences of 195 across
38 LGA
180 RAs
385 PUs
253,060 PVC collected affected

For purpose of margin of lead: the Ro considered as follows:

Figure reduced to 84,849

The Chief returning officer explained that the established cases of Violence in the election took place after the election as such the developments do not affect the margin of lead according to INEC guideline 2.

The difference in the winning vote amounts to 128, 897.

Kabir Yusuf.jpg

NNPP won 30 out of the 44 Local Government Areas in the state, while APC won 14.

The total number of vote cast stood at 2,320,955 with 1,977,872 valid votes and 27,092 rejected votes.

Dr. Bappa Bichi, the NNPP’s party representative at the collation center, expressed pleasure with the results and claimed that the declaration of the results reflected the people of Kano’s wishes.

“It is a statement of our dedication and will to democracy. Chance for Kano state and Nigeria in general to achieve peace, unity, and development,” he remarked.

Suleiman Bichi, the APC’s party agent, responded differently, emphasizing that the party will examine the law’s terms and take the required steps while urging the people of Kano to maintain their composure.

The Chief Returning Officer’s interpretation of guideline number 2 in place of guideline number 6 is rejected. All Kano residents, especially those who support our party, should keep their composure, though.

There are still days to win, so losing an election is not the end of the world, he said.


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