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Inspiring Story: 19-Year-Old From Prison to University

Inspiring Story: 19-Year-Old From Prison to University

Off to University soon: The unfortunate reality is that many young people are imprisoned for a variety of offenses. A young woman from Nigeria who is still a teenager experienced the terrible fate of being held in custody.

To Study at University
Scholarship to University

Fortunately, before being taken into detention, she was able to complete her West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams. Thankfully, some well-meaning Nigerians acting under Harrison Gwamnishu’s direction resolved not to leave her case to chance and would do everything in their power to obtain her quickest release.

She was able to obtain her freedom before entering her early 20s because the chances were in her favor. She was questioned about whether she planned to pursue further study in university or learn a trade after being freed.


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