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Isese Day: Shun religious intolerance – Group tells Ilorin Muslim clerics

Isese Day: Shun religious intolerance – Group tells Ilorin Muslim clerics

Yoruba Commitment Leaders (YCL): Advocating Religious Tolerance and Peace in Ilorin, Kwara State

Shun religious intolerance

In a society that thrives on diversity and coexistence, religious tolerance stands as a cornerstone for harmonious living. The Yoruba Commitment Leaders (YCL) have taken a significant stride by addressing a pressing concern in Ilorin, Kwara State – religious intolerance. This profound initiative calls upon Islamic clerics in the region to embrace a spirit of inclusivity, where no religious adherents should obstruct the path of others. The YCL’s commendable stance resonates with the essence of unity and respect for individual beliefs.

Upholding Constitutional Values for Religious Freedom

The YCL’s call for religious harmony is rooted in the fundamental principles of the Nigerian Constitution, which enshrines the right to freedom of religion and worship for every citizen. The group rightly emphasizes that no religious group should impede the religious practices of another. This principle is not only a legal right but also a moral obligation that fosters a sense of social cohesion and mutual respect.

Addressing Religious Denial and Intolerance

The YCL’s proactive approach stems from their concern over the “orchestrated and open denial” of certain Yoruba people’s right to practice their religion in Kwara State. This situation has led to tension not only within Kwara State but also in Yoruba-speaking states at large. The group is right in expecting unbiased actions from those responsible for safeguarding the rights of all individuals within the state.

The Role of Public Officials and Statements

In moments of religious tension, it is the role of public officials to uphold the Constitution and provide a balanced perspective that promotes understanding and unity. Unfortunately, the YCL has noted instances where statements and actions from public officials have exacerbated division rather than mitigated it. These actions run counter to the very principles that a secular state like Nigeria upholds.

A Plea for Unity and Respect

The YCL’s statement aptly highlights the fact that Nigeria is a secular state, meaning that the government and all its agencies should adopt a neutral stance when it comes to religious matters. The recent incidents of religious intolerance have raised questions about whether this secular identity is being upheld as it should be.

The Emergence of Religious Intolerance

Recent times have witnessed a disconcerting surge in acts of religious intolerance. These acts have been sponsored by a religious sect originating in Ilorin, Kwara State. What’s alarming is that these actions resemble a declaration of religious warfare against practitioners of traditional Yoruba religions. This aggressive approach aims at religious conquest and dominance, raising concerns about the state’s involvement in such endeavors.

Religious Freedom for All

The YCL advocates for a society where adherents of traditional religions, Christians, and Muslims can all freely practice their respective faiths without fear of persecution. This is a fundamental human right that deserves unwavering protection. The call for religious tolerance doesn’t just serve a single community; it serves the entire nation by ensuring a peaceful coexistence that transcends religious boundaries.

A Call to Action

With a resolute commitment to peace and constitutional order, the YCL addresses President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, urging his intervention in the ongoing religious crisis. His involvement is sought as a catalyst for constructive dialogue and a return to harmony. The YCL recognizes that leadership plays a pivotal role in diffusing tensions and restoring the values of unity and respect.


In a world marked by diversity, acceptance and respect for one another’s beliefs form the bedrock of harmonious living. The Yoruba Commitment Leaders (YCL) have exhibited commendable leadership by urging Islamic clerics to embrace religious tolerance in Ilorin, Kwara State. Their call for unity, respect, and adherence to constitutional principles comes at a crucial juncture where the fabric of society is tested. It is imperative that all stakeholders, including public officials and religious leaders, unite to foster a nation where diversity is celebrated and differences are bridged.


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