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Isese: Security agents storm Yemoja River in Ilorin

Isese: Security agents storm Yemoja River in Ilorin

Enhancing Security Measures for Isese Festival Celebrations: Ensuring Peace and Harmony

Security agents

In a bid to ensure the smooth and peaceful celebration of the Isese Festival at Yemoja River in Oko Olowo area of Ilorin, Kwara State, security agencies have taken proactive measures to prevent potential conflicts and ensure the safety of all participants. The Isese Festival holds great cultural significance for the adherents of traditional Yoruba religion, and its celebration is a vibrant expression of their faith and heritage. However, due to potential clashes between traditional religion adherents and Islamic preachers, security personnel from various agencies were deployed to maintain order and protect the welfare of the people and their properties.

A Collaborative Security Effort

The security operation was a collaborative effort involving multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Police, Civil Defense, State Security Service, and Military formations. Their combined presence served as a deterrent to any potential disturbances, ensuring that the festival celebrations proceeded without any untoward incidents. The State Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Ebbunoluwarotimi Adelesi, spearheaded the security operations and emphasized the importance of preserving peace and safeguarding human rights in the process.

The Role of Security Personnel

The primary objective of the deployed security personnel was to ensure peace and protect the rights and safety of all individuals involved. The security measures were not intended to curtail anyone’s fundamental rights but rather to maintain a secure environment where both the Isese Festival participants and others could coexist without conflict. Mrs. Adelesi stated, “The security personnel are here to maintain peace. We have to be at alert as a result of what the two sides are saying. We cannot allow the security and peace of the state to be breached. Kwara state is a state of harmony.”

The Isese Festival and Its Significance

The Isese Festival holds deep cultural and religious significance for adherents of traditional Yoruba religion. It is an annual event that celebrates their spiritual heritage, traditions, and connection to the divine. Chief Mobolaji Ajakitipa, the Oba Etutu of Shao, a traditional Yoruba town, expressed his commitment to the festival’s celebration. He explained that the festival was an intrinsic part of their cultural identity and was practiced with great reverence.

Celebration in Shao

Due to potential security concerns in the original festival location, the celebration was moved to Shao, a traditional town in the Moro local government area of Kwara State. Chief Mobolaji Ajakitipa hosted the festival in his private home, allowing the adherents to celebrate their faith in a safe and harmonious environment. This relocation demonstrated the dedication of the traditional religion adherents to their customs while also respecting the need for security and peaceful coexistence.

Seeking Recognition and Understanding

Chief Mobolaji Ajakitipa, while commending the efforts of the Police Commissioner, also appealed to the Kwara State government for greater recognition of traditional religion worshipers and the declaration of a holiday for the annual Isese Festival, similar to practices in other Yoruba-speaking states. This call for recognition highlights the desire for inclusivity and mutual understanding among different faiths in the state.


In conclusion, the security measures taken during the Isese Festival celebrations at Yemoja River in Kwara State were aimed at maintaining peace and ensuring the safety of all participants. The collaborative efforts of various security agencies demonstrated a commitment to fostering harmony in a diverse and culturally rich environment. The decision to move the celebration to Shao showcased the adaptability of the traditional religion adherents, who sought to uphold their customs while prioritizing safety. The festival’s significance in Yoruba culture was reaffirmed through Chief Mobolaji Ajakitipa’s words and actions. As Kwara State continues to evolve, the call for recognition and understanding among different faiths echoes a larger sentiment of unity and coexistence.


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