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Journalist: “You’re the Most Dangerous Terrorist” to Fani-Kayode

Journalist: “You’re the Most Dangerous Terrorist” to Fani-Kayode

Former Aviation Minister Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has come under fire from journalist Blossom Martins for referring to Peter Obi as a “master terrorist” who needs to be apprehended by security forces.

After LP campaign spokesman Kenneth Okonkwo confirmed the validity of a telephone conversation between the LP presidential candidate and Presiding Bishop of Winners Chapels, Bishop David Oyedepo, Fani-Kayode, a senior member of the ruling APC, demanded Obi’s arrest.

Obi had described the February 25 presidential election as a “religious war” during the call and asked Oyedepo to assist him to win the support of Christians in the South-West and Kwara states.

Obi Fani Kayode 1

It is time for us to call on the security agencies to declare Peter Obi a master terrorist, a security risk, a man who is completely unfit to lead a multireligious, multiethnic, multicultural state, and a hater of non-Christians now that his spokesperson, one Kenneth Okonkwo, has confirmed that the audio recording of the conversation between Bishop Oyedepo and his principal is authentic.

Fani-Kayode tweeted that “he is undoubtedly one of the “troublers” of our nation.”

Martins responded by stating that given Fani-background, Kayode is not qualified to label someone a terrorist.

“FFK is the most infamous and dangerous (terrorist) in Nigeria who is still at large…

Fani Kayode NEEDS to be imprisoned for Nigeria to once again experience peace. He must make amends for the severe harm he did to my nation.

“This individual has frequently incited rival religious and tribal groups… In other sections of the nation, he has openly endorsed violence,” the journalist tweeted.

She accused “FFK and his low-life media teams” of cooking up the Obi tape.

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The All Progressives Congress (APC), which is in power, was labeled as “evil” by the journalist.

“Their political structure alone, as well as the manner in which they make appointments, might be considered an act that has the potential to ignite a “religious war” aimed at destroying Nigeria.

Where in a country with many different religions do you (choose) to ignore a particular group and even disparage them, as one governor from the North did? Martins added that “these people even went so far as to humiliate our priests by employing touts and vagrants to dress as our most revered clerics.”


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