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Kwara Tragedy: Building Collapse Kills One, Injures Two

Kwara Tragedy: Building Collapse Kills One, Injures Two

In Lade Village in the Patigi local government area of Kwara State, a structure collapse resulted in the death of a young woman named Joy Thomas and the injuries of a mother and her son.

It was learned that the unfortunate accident occurred on Sunday night at about 10 p.m. while the deceased and other victims slept and enjoyed some fresh air on their balcony.

Adamu Idris, a rice farmer in the neighborhood, and Joshua Seth, the deceased’s neighbor, reportedly told Nigerian Tribune that the tragedy had left the neighborhood and families in a state of sadness.

Due to the heat in the neighborhood, “the deceased, Joy, and other victims were sleeping and relaxing outside the veranda,” he claimed.

Kwara Building
Kwara Collapsed Building

Idris continued by saying that the lady died as a result of the building collapsing and debris falling on them.

Early on Monday, the young woman’s remains were interred.

He added that a mother and her son who were napping atop the fallen structure were also hurt by the rubble and that the terrible tragedy occurred at 10 o’clock on Sunday.

The other victims, who had suffered serious injuries, were assisted and taken right away to a local hospital for care.

The deceased was in church on Sunday to celebrate Easter with church members and friends, according to people in the neighborhood.

Mushin Building Collapse2
The building collapsed at Kwara

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