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Labor Party to DSS: Nigerians Refuse to Be Intimidated

Labor Party to DSS: Nigerians Refuse to Be Intimidated

The Labour Party has stated that it is certain Nigerians won’t be coerced into giving up their lawful, legal right to seek judicial remedy in order to retrieve their mandate, which was blatantly stolen from them and freely offered to the LP Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi.
Dr. Yunusa Tanko, the Labour Party’s chief spokesperson, made this statement in response to a warning issued by the Department of State Services in Abuja yesterday.

The DSS claimed that some politicians were attempting to undermine democracy by organizing protests and “obtaining bogus court injunctions” to halt Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu’s inauguration.

We are confident that Nigerians who want to retake their nation won’t be coerced or pressured into changing their minds, Yunusa stated.

“As a party, we have agreed to pursue the road of justice by constitutional methods, since doing otherwise will not serve Nigeria’s interest in maintaining democracy.

“When MC Oluomo and his ilk used ethnic profiling and violence against Nigerians of a certain ethnic nationality because of their democratic decisions, where was the DSS?

Labour Party

“At that time, we wanted the DSS to step up, but it failed. Our nation would have benefited if it had carried out its duties.

“Warnings and threats are being given now that Nigerians have chosen to adhere to established democratic norms of calling attention to injustice.

Tinubu, Obi. Atiku

“The DSS should have given these warnings from the start to demonstrate to Nigerians that this country is ours collectively and not the exclusive domain of a single person or group.

Labour Party

We would like to know where the DSS was during the attacks, mutilations, and deaths of our members and other Nigerians, especially in Lagos.

We implore the DSS to convey these warnings to the bigots who are bringing this nation dangerously close to collapse with their words and actions toward other peace-loving Nigerians who do not share their political beliefs or speak their language.


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