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Lagos Election:- Get Inspired by Gbadebo’s Story: From Mentors to Success

Lagos Election:- Get Inspired by Gbadebo’s Story: From Mentors to Success

Lagos Election: In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Thursday, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, the Labour Party’s candidate for governor of Lagos State, refuted claims that he had connections to political godfathers made by his opponent, Olajide “Jandor” Adediran of the People’s Democratic Party.

Labour Party candidate

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday, Adediran expressed his concerns about how godfatherism prevents the public from having a say in who leads them. He also accused Rhodes-Vivour of making agreements with godfathers to secure his position as Lagos State’s next governor.

In response, Rhodes-Vivour called the claims “propaganda and lies” and refuted them. The political candidate said he had no plans to settle what might appear to be a political feud to create diversions when questioned about his relationship with “Jandor” and whether any effort or discussion had been made to address what may seem to be a political feud to do so.

Additionally, he called the PDP candidate’s statements “watery” and his honesty “full of desperation,” claiming that the PDP candidate was actually the one associated with godfathers in politics.

PDP Candidate

“He only received the nomination because the party’s top brass determined this is the candidate they want. It’s intriguing how the situation has changed and he is now discussing godfatherism.

Labour Party Candidte

GRV, as he is also known, made it clear that he doesn’t pay attention to what his rival says and is instead concentrating on ensuring the success of the upcoming election by keeping an eye on the work of the Independent National Electoral Commission to make sure voters have a fair right to cast a ballot.

He told voters that his followers and the Labour Party are organized and ready to fend off any interference on election day.


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