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Lagos Poll Turmoil: What ‘Bad Losers’ Are Saying (PDP,LP) 28-03-2023

Lagos Poll Turmoil: What ‘Bad Losers’ Are Saying (PDP,LP) 28-03-2023

Following objections from a number of regional and international election observers, including those from the US Mission, who provided personal descriptions of assaults and racial profiling, this has happened.

MC Oluomo Hamzat

Hamzat, on the other hand, discounted the accusations made by Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour and Abdul-Azeez Adediran, candidates for the Labour Party (LP) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), respectively.

During a live interview on Tuesday’s episode of Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, the deputy governor said, “I’ve listened to all sorts of opinions about this election and I think it’s really nasty from Nigerians.”

“Unfortunately, most people are poor losers. So instead of going over what exactly happened, ask yourself, “How do I get better?” We competed against INEC, the PDP candidate said. No. In actuality, you lost every party member.


Hamzat continued by mentioning a few Lagos PDP defectors whose exits had a detrimental impact on the party’s governorship campaign.

Wahab Owokoniran and Ade Dosunmu both quit your party. Who is the chairman of the PCC for Atiku/Okowa and Jandor in Lagos now that [Funsho] Doherty has left your party?” he asked.

“His own director, the PDP candidate’s campaign director, resigned and departed. As a result, everyone in your immediate vicinity was lost. How did you organize your celebration, I wonder? You performed poorly.

The deputy governor continued by saying that the Labour Party was in a similar situation.

“Sunbo Onitiri, a Central senatorial candidate, left the party. [Kayode] Salako, the previous party’s chairman, departed the gathering and said that the individual is all sorts of things,” he said.


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