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Lagos Shuts Alamutu Market at Mushin for Sanitation Infraction…as LAWMA Clears Illegal Trading Acts at Yaba Railway Corridors

Lagos Shuts Alamutu Market at Mushin for Sanitation Infraction…as LAWMA Clears Illegal Trading Acts at Yaba Railway Corridors


The Lagos State Government has made an unequivocal stride towards guaranteeing a cleaner and better climate for its occupants. In a bid to keep up with high clean norms in its business sectors and battle unavoidable foulness, the public authority as of late fixed Alamutu (Ologede) Market, situated at Idi-Oro, Mushin, because of poor sterile circumstances and ill-advised garbage removal rehearses. This activity, drove by the Lagos Squander The executives Authority (LAWMA), highlights the public authority’s enduring obligation to implementing sterilization guidelines consistently across all business sectors.

The Disinfection Basic
In a clamoring city like Lagos, markets are the backbone of monetary movement. They act as energetic center points where brokers and clients join everyday. In any case, it is of foremost significance that these business sectors keep a sterile climate to guarantee the prosperity of the two brokers and clients. Unfortunate disinfection can prompt different wellbeing risks, and the public authority perceives that guaranteeing the tidiness of business sectors is fundamental.

Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, the Overseeing Head of LAWMA, expressed that the conclusion of Alamutu Market was not simply a reaction to its circumstances but rather a piece of LAWMA’s continuous obligation to keeping up with tidiness and disinfection in all business sectors across Lagos. This move is pointed toward encouraging the healthy wellbeing of brokers and clients the same.

A Line of Requirement Activities
The conclusion of Alamutu Market is definitely not a segregated occurrence. Lately, a few different business sectors in Lagos, including Oyingbo, Ladipo, and Alayabiagba, have confronted comparative authorizations because of offenses connected with disinfection and waste administration. This proactive methodology exhibits LAWMA’s assurance to uphold disinfection guidelines reliably, no matter what the market’s area or size.

Gbadegesin stressed that these implementation activities are important to establish a cleaner and better living climate for all occupants of Lagos. The authority is completely dedicated to annihilating exercises that could ruin the climate and jeopardize the existences of individuals.

Handling Unlawful Exchanging Along Yaba Rail route Passages
As well as tending to sterilization issues in business sectors, LAWMA has stretched out its endeavors to handle unlawful exchanging exercises along the Yaba Rail route passageways. This move means to address ecological infractions brought about by unregulated exchanging this region. The public authority perceives that unrestrained unlawful exchanging can unfavorably affect the climate and the general personal satisfaction for Lagos occupants.

How You Can Help
On the off chance that you go over squander the board related issues in your space, make sure to LAWMA through their complementary numbers: 07080601020 and 617. By detailing such issues, you add to the continuous endeavors to make a cleaner and more secure Lagos for everybody.

Taking everything into account, the Lagos Express Government’s new activities, including the conclusion of Alamutu Market and the crackdown on unlawful exchanging along Yaba Rail line halls, exhibit its unfaltering obligation to upgrading the personal satisfaction for all inhabitants. By keeping up with high sterile guidelines and handling ecological infractions, the public authority expects to make a cleaner and better Lagos. Your help and watchfulness are pivotal in accomplishing this common objective.

Keep in mind, a cleaner Lagos is a better Lagos for all of us.


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