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Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition 2023/2024 Session Commences Today In Lagos And Ogun State

Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition 2023/2024 Session Commences Today In Lagos And Ogun State

Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition

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In the vibrant cities of Lagos and Ogun State, a remarkable event has unfolded on this first day of November 2023 – the commencement of the Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition Program. This initiative has drawn a massive turnout of enthusiastic students eager to acquire skills in diverse fields such as fashion designing, cake making, catering, Alumaco/Aluminium services, and more. What makes this event truly extraordinary is that all expenses are entirely covered by the benevolent management of Lashone.

A Tradition of Empowering Futures

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The Skills Acquisition Program, now in its fifth edition, is organized by Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition Program, a subsidiary of The Lashone Group of Companies. Each year, the Managing Director and CEO of Lashone Group, Dr. LANRE SHONEKAN in a philanthropic spirit, generously bears all expenses for this program. This gesture is their way of giving back to society, facilitating personal growth for both the youth and adults who aspire to enhance their lives and contribute more effectively to the community.

A Journey Towards Excellence

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The Skills Acquisition Program is designed to span three months, during which participants will be diligently trained and thoroughly assessed. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded Nigerian recognized certificates and testimonials, adding substantial value to their professional journeys. It’s not just a training program; it’s an investment in a brighter future.

Looking Ahead to Lashone Business School

While the Skills Acquisition Program is already underway, the Business School arm of this program is gearing up to offer more extensive opportunities. Registration for admission opens on the 20th of November 2023, with plans to commence classes in the first quarter of 2024 for registered students. This forward-thinking approach ensures that learners have the chance to explore their full potential and unlock new career opportunities.

The Impact of Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition Program

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The Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition Program is not merely another educational endeavor. It is a catalyst for positive change, touching lives and shaping the future of the participants and the communities they will serve.

Empowering the Youth

One of the core missions of Lashone is to empower the youth, and this program is a testament to that commitment. By offering skill acquisition programs with all expenses covered, it removes financial barriers that often hinder personal development. This, in turn, opens doors for young people to become self-reliant and contribute to the growth of the local and national economy.

Nurturing Talents

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The Skills Acquisition Program is designed to harness the innate talents and skills of individuals. Whether it’s fashion designing, cake making, or catering, this program provides a nurturing environment where creativity and craftsmanship can flourish. Participants are guided by experienced professionals who not only impart knowledge but also instill a sense of pride in their craft.

Creating Job Opportunities

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In a world where unemployment is a pressing issue, Lashone’s initiative is a breath of fresh air. By equipping participants with valuable skills and certifications, the program enhances their employability. It’s not just about learning; it’s about creating tangible opportunities for participants to secure meaningful employment and contribute to the workforce.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

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The Skills Acquisition Program not only prepares participants for jobs but also instills an entrepreneurial spirit. Graduates have the option to venture into businesses of their own, applying the skills they have acquired to establish and manage successful enterprises. This dual focus on employment and entrepreneurship empowers individuals to pursue diverse career paths.


The Lashone Business School/Skills Acquisition Program is a shining example of a corporate social responsibility initiative that makes a significant impact on society. It empowers the youth, nurtures talents, creates job opportunities, and fosters entrepreneurship. By providing quality education and certification, it paves the way for a brighter future for the participants and the communities they serve.

So, as the 2023/2024 session of the Skills Acquisition Program takes off in Lagos and Ogun State, it’s not just the beginning of a training program; it’s the dawn of a brighter future for all involved.


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