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Maximizing Police Welfare: IGP Presents N1.3 Billion to Families of Fallen Heroes

Maximizing Police Welfare: IGP Presents N1.3 Billion to Families of Fallen Heroes


In a poignant display of commitment to the well-being of Nigeria’s law enforcement officers, the Acting Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, made headlines on Tuesday by presenting cheques totaling over N1.3 billion to the families of 402 slain police officers in Abuja. This noble act, aimed at alleviating the financial burdens borne by the next of kin and families of these fallen heroes, underscores the Nigeria Police Force’s unwavering dedication to its officers and their loved ones.

The Significance of the Group Life Assurance Scheme

The cornerstone of this initiative lies in the Group Life Assurance Scheme, a welfare package instituted as a result of the 2014 amendment to the 2004 Pension Reform Act. It’s important to note that this scheme is funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria, demonstrating the government’s recognition of the sacrifices made by our brave police officers.

This scheme is a testament to the belief that every human life is inherently valuable, and the well-being of our officers is of paramount concern. It serves as a lifeline for the families of officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while in the line of duty, ensuring that they are not left to face financial hardship.

The IGP Family Welfare Insurance Scheme

In addition to the Group Life Assurance Scheme, the Nigeria Police Force established the IGP Family Welfare Insurance Scheme in 2017. This scheme is exclusively funded by the police force itself, and its primary objective is to ease the burden on the immediate families of deceased officers before the death benefits become available.

The Acting Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, emphasized during the ceremony that this initiative is a clear demonstration of the force’s commitment to fulfilling its obligations promptly. It reaffirms the force’s dedication to supporting its officers and their families, recognizing their bravery and unwavering dedication to the nation.

A Tribute to Bravery

The ceremony was not just about presenting cheques; it was a heartfelt tribute to the brave men and women who have given their lives in service to the nation. The sacrifices made by these officers have not gone unnoticed, and their dedication to promoting peace and safety within our communities has significantly contributed to the attainment of our internal security mandate.

The Acting IGP expressed his gratitude to the serving officers for their tireless efforts in the current security landscape. He assured them that their sacrifices are deeply appreciated, extending the force’s commitment to their welfare beyond mere words.

Infrastructure and Housing Initiatives

Recognizing the importance of improving the living conditions and infrastructure for police officers, the Nigeria Police Force is embarking on an ambitious mission to renovate, remodel, and reconstruct existing police barracks and office accommodations nationwide. This initiative is under the stewardship of the Nigeria Police Force Properties Development and Construction Company (NPFPDCC), with Mr. Hakeem Oguniran, a renowned expert in property development, serving as the Executive Consultant.

The mandate of this special housing agenda is to ensure that suitable housing is readily available for all police officers and personnel. The objective is clear: by enhancing living conditions and infrastructure, the morale and overall performance of our officers will receive a significant boost.

Past Achievements

In a significant milestone that occurred on July 14, 2023, the IGP had the privilege of flagging off the presentation of financial assistance to 68 families of deceased officers who tragically lost their lives in the line of duty. These individuals were beneficiaries of the Group Life Assurance Scheme for the policy year 2022/2023.

During this solemn occasion, a total sum of cheques amounting to N535,618,788.44k was distributed to these families. This event marked a step forward in the force’s commitment to providing adequate welfare for its members and the families of its heroes.

A Pledge of Continual Support

In conclusion, the presentation of N1.3 billion in cheques to the families of fallen police officers is a profound testament to the Nigeria Police Force’s unwavering commitment to its officers and their families. This act of compassion and financial support is not just a one-time gesture but a pledge to continually enhance the welfare of all members of the police family.

As the Acting Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, eloquently stated, “Our objective is to establish welfare support that cements the bonds within the Police community, creating an environment where every officer feels not only valued but also protected and motivated to deliver their utmost in service to our nation.”

In these challenging times, this gesture provides solace and support to the families left behind and acknowledges the sacrifices of our brave officers. It reinforces the belief that the Nigeria Police Force stands as a pillar of strength and protection for both its officers and the nation as a whole.


The dedication and commitment exhibited by the Nigeria Police Force in enhancing the welfare of its officers and their families are commendable. This initiative not only ensures that the fallen heroes are never forgotten but also serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made in the pursuit of peace and security within Nigeria.

As we honor and remember these brave officers, let us also acknowledge the force’s commitment to a brighter future, one where police officers are not only safeguarded but also motivated to continue their essential work. The Nigeria Police Force’s unwavering support for its officers and their families is a shining example of the nation’s appreciation for those who protect and serve.


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