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Naira Crisis: A Disgraceful Reaction: CNG on FG’s Supreme Court Judgment on Naira Crisis (16th of March 2023)

Naira Crisis: A Disgraceful Reaction: CNG on FG’s Supreme Court Judgment on Naira Crisis (16th of March 2023)

Naira: The Federal Government’s answer to the Supreme Court’s order regarding the naira exchange, according to the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), was unsincere.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the spokesperson for CNG, said in a statement yesterday that it was strange that people still have trouble accessing currency days after President Muhammadu Buhari’s order.

Naira Crisis

“Instead, because the government has purposefully delayed both the old and new notes, the situation is getting worse by the hour.

And while innocent families are going hungry, businesses are failing, and tension is rising, Buhari and his lackey, Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele, seem to be isolated or in complete denial.

Everyone is now aware that Buhari only fooled the country by seeming to give the CBN instructions to accept the Supreme Court’s ruling, even though he knew full well that he did not intend for them to be followed.

Emefiele, who was also on Buhari’s errand, pretended to be following the order just to tighten the grip on Nigerians’ finances, he claimed.

Suleiman questioned why, in contrast to when they were imposing what he called an “inhuman, draconian policy” on the country, neither Buhari nor Emefiele thought it was beneficial to address the people about the new instruction.

Instead, both Buhari and Emefiele merely issued awkward, vague statements via their spokespeople, as if the situation were not serious enough.

The fact that examination by the CNG across Northern Nigerian states has proved that since the false directive was delivered, the deposit money banks have not been refunded with either the old or the new notes since Buhari’s statements were made further supports their falsity.

“This explains why banks, in defiance of the Supreme Court’s ruling that no president or other official in government has the power to prevent citizens from accessing their own money, resort to issuing less than 5,000 naira to consumers with a valid need for their own money.

“Unfortunately, Buhari has chosen the route of dishonor and aristocracy in the final stages of his administration and is destined to leave behind a very poor legacy to the nation”

In the process, Buhari and Emefiele have insulted not only the nation’s judicial system, which we deem inappropriate, unjustified, and ignoble but also important national institutions like the CBN.

“We urge the National Assembly to act promptly to prevent the CBN’s impending decline and descent into decadence by putting a stop to the dictatorial inclinations developing in the country.

We also urge the patriotic state governors who started the legal action and the evil monetary regime to step up their efforts to defend the country, its financial institutions, and its judicial system.

In order to stop the current national crisis, we advise they meet with the President-elect and devise a plan of action.


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