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Naira swap: Security agencies to determine governors’ fate over alleged treason – Malami


The Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami on Thursday said the fate of governors and other individuals being investigated for alleged treasonable utterances over the naira redesign will be determined by the security agencies.

Certain governors led by Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State, have openly denigrated the Buhari policy, asking their citizens not to comply with the expiration of the legality of the old N500 and N1000.

While noting the certain undertones of treason in some of the utterances, he affirmed that investigation cannot be ruled out, adding that the relevant security agencies will determine if there will be the need for further action.

Malami stressed the importance of the redesign policy, which he said will enable citizens to assume collective ownership of the electoral system rather than allowing a few moneybags to take charge.

“Advantages associated with sustenance and allowing the freedom of the people of Nigerians to prevail, freedom devoid of monetary inducement and intervention is equally part of it.

“But then on the issue relating to the open rebellion in view of the fact that the sizable portion of such considerations constitute the subject matter of litigation before the Supreme Court. But above all, as you rightly know, you equally raised the issue of treason or certain order associated with it. These issues are usually issues that are issues of forces.

“So, you cannot rule out the possibility of investigation but the responsibility of investigation and doing the needful arising from the weight and assessment of the implications of the statements is the responsibility of the security agencies and I believe they are doing the needful in that effect to determine whether there is need for further action. Actions associated with investigations as to what other measures need to be taken in case it is their conclusion that there is the need for actions to be taken related to the utterances made. So, that is the best I can say on that rebellion.”


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