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Navigating Lagos: Marine Bridge Repair and Traffic Diversion

Navigating Lagos: Marine Bridge Repair and Traffic Diversion

Marine Bridge Repair and Traffic Diversion

Lagos, Nigeria – In a strategic move to enhance infrastructure, the Lagos State Government has finalized plans to temporarily close and divert traffic on the vital Marine Bridge in the bustling Apapa area. The closure, slated to commence from Friday, 10th November to Thursday, 21st December 2023, is part of an extensive rehabilitation initiative led by the Federal Ministry of Works.

Rehabilitation Chronicles

Commissioner for Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, officially disclosed the impending closure, emphasizing the critical need for rehabilitation. According to Potpourri news reporter Elgibor Peterson, the repair works on the Marine Bridge are a continuation of the ongoing efforts by the Federal Ministry of Works to bolster the structural integrity of this crucial transportation artery.

Traffic Diversion Routes

To minimize disruptions and ensure the smooth flow of traffic during the 41-day closure period, the government has outlined alternative routes for motorists. Here’s a breakdown of the diversion plan:

1. Mobil Road Bound Traffic

Motorists heading to Mobil Road from Ijora/Apapa Road will be directed to take an alternate route. They will be diverted to Ijora, guiding them to link the Total Access Ramp leading inwards Malu Road. From there, they can seamlessly connect to Mobil Road, reaching their intended destinations without undue delay.

2. Ijora/Apapa Bound Traffic

For those journeying towards Ijora/Apapa, a different diversion awaits. They will be rerouted to the Apapa bound ramp of the Marine Bridge, facilitating a U-turn at Point Road Junction. This will guide them inwards the Marine Bridge, ensuring access to their respective destinations.

3. Marine Bridge Access Road

Another viable option is for motorists to utilize the Marine Bridge Access Road to Area B. Subsequently, they can make a U-turn at Point Junction Road, redirecting them towards Marine Bridge and allowing for the continuation of their journeys.

Traffic Management Assurance

Acknowledging the potential challenges posed by the temporary closure, Commissioner Osiyemi has assured the public that the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) will deploy dedicated traffic personnel. Their primary objective will be to manage traffic flow efficiently, minimizing inconveniences and ensuring the safety of all road users.

A Plea for Patience

In light of the anticipated inconveniences, Commissioner Osiyemi earnestly appeals to motorists for their patience and cooperation. This temporary disruption, he emphasizes, is a crucial step toward ensuring safer and more efficient vehicular movement within the state.


As the Marine Bridge undergoes essential repairs, the Lagos State Government remains committed to providing alternative routes and deploying necessary resources for effective traffic management. The concerted efforts aim not only to enhance the structural integrity of the bridge but also to contribute to a safer and more streamlined transportation network for the benefit of all Lagos residents.


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