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NCDC Reports 846 Cases, 148 Deaths of Lassa Fever

NCDC Reports 846 Cases, 148 Deaths of Lassa Fever

The Nigeria Institute for Disease Control and Prevention has identified 846 Lassa fever cases in 99 LGAs across 25 states.

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The most affected age range is 21-30 years old, with a male-to-female ratio of 10:9 for verified cases.

The NCDC reported 4,338 suspected cases in its week 13 situation report on Thursday, and the sickness had killed 148 people in the country.

According to the study, the 23 new cases registered between March 27 and April 2, 2023, were from Bauchi, Ondo, Edo, Taraba, Ebonyi, Oyo, and Kebbi States.

“From week one to week thirteen, 2023, 148 deaths were reported with a case fatality rate of 17.5%, which is lower than the CFR for the same time in 2022.” (19.1 percent).


“In total, 25 states have documented at least one confirmed case across 99 LGAs for 2023.”

“72% of all confirmed Lassa fever cases were reported from these three states (Ondo, Edo, and Bauchi), while 28% were reported from four states with confirmed cases.”

With the current death toll, the case-fatality ratio of the outbreak stands at 17.5%, according to the agency.


Cases of Lassa fever. Ondo reported 32% of the confirmed cases, Edo reported 29%, and Bauchi reported 11%.

In Nigeria, the sickness has infected 39 healthcare workers so far this year.


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