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Neymar Surpasses Pele’s Record To Become Brazil’s All-time Highest Goal Scorer

Neymar Surpasses Pele’s Record To Become Brazil’s All-time Highest Goal Scorer

Neymar Jr Breaks Pele’s Record: Brazil’s New All-Time Top Scorer


In a historic moment for Brazilian football, Neymar Jr has overtaken the legendary Pele to become Brazil’s all-time leading men’s scorer. This milestone was achieved during a thrilling 2026 World Cup qualifying match between Brazil and Bolivia in the Amazon city of Belém. Neymar’s remarkable achievement, scoring twice in Brazil’s 5-1 victory, has cemented his name in the annals of Brazilian football history.

The Record-Breaking Moment

As the world watched in awe, Neymar Jr broke the long-standing record held by Pele, who had scored 77 goals for Brazil between 1957 and 1971. Neymar’s journey to this incredible milestone saw him netting an astonishing 79 goals in 125 international appearances.

Following the match, Neymar humbly expressed his emotions, saying, “I never imagined reaching this record. I want to say that I am not a better player than Pele. I always wanted to make my own story, write my name in the history of Brazilian football and the national team. And today, I did that.”

A Legacy of Excellence

This historic achievement places Neymar Jr in the company of legends like Pele, further solidifying his status as one of the greatest footballers Brazil has ever produced. It is essential to acknowledge the remarkable legacy that both players have left on the sport.

Pele: A Football Icon

Pele, often referred to as “The King of Football,” achieved global recognition for his exceptional skills and numerous accomplishments on the field. His career included three World Cup victories (1958, 1962, and 1970) and a record-breaking 1,281 goals in 1,363 matches. Pele’s impact on Brazilian and international football is immeasurable, and his name will forever be synonymous with the sport’s golden era.

Neymar Jr: The Modern Maestro

In contrast, Neymar Jr represents the modern era of Brazilian football. Born in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, on February 5, 1992, Neymar quickly rose through the ranks to become a prodigious talent. His skill, creativity, and flair on the pitch have earned him comparisons to legendary players like Pele and Ronaldinho.

Neymar’s international career began in 2010, and he has since become a crucial part of the Brazilian national team. His contributions to the squad include victories in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Neymar’s ability to score goals and create opportunities for his teammates has made him a beloved figure in Brazilian football.

A Journey of Triumphs and Challenges

Neymar’s path to breaking Pele’s record was not without its share of challenges and triumphs. Throughout his career, he has faced intense scrutiny, injuries, and the weight of enormous expectations. However, his determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to his craft have propelled him to this historic achievement.

A Star on the Rise

Neymar’s early career saw him making waves in Brazil with Santos FC before making a high-profile move to Barcelona in 2013. During his time with Barcelona, he formed a formidable attacking trio alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez, achieving domestic and international success, including a UEFA Champions League title.

In 2017, Neymar made a world-record transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he continued to dazzle fans with his skill and creativity. His time in France has seen him claim multiple Ligue 1 titles and establish himself as one of the world’s most marketable and recognizable athletes.

International Glory

On the international stage, Neymar’s journey has been marked by memorable moments, including his vital role in Brazil’s 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup victory and his instrumental performances in World Cup tournaments. While the ultimate goal of winning a World Cup trophy still eludes him, Neymar’s dedication to representing his country with pride and passion has endeared him to fans worldwide.

A Record-Breaking Goal

The moment that etched Neymar’s name in history occurred during the match against Bolivia. With a low cross into the penalty box, Neymar displayed his trademark precision, finishing from close range. In a nod to Pele’s iconic celebration, Neymar celebrated with a triumphant punch in the air.

It was a fitting tribute to the football legend he had surpassed, symbolizing the passing of the torch from one generation to the next.

Neymar’s Place in Brazilian Football

While Neymar Jr has now overtaken Pele as Brazil’s all-time leading men’s scorer, it’s important to recognize that the record books of Brazilian football are filled with names of remarkable players who have contributed to the nation’s rich footballing history.

Brazil’s women’s forward, Marta, holds the distinction of being the country’s all-time leading scorer with a staggering 115 goals in 171 games. Her achievements are a testament to the excellence of Brazilian football across genders.


In conclusion, Neymar Jr’s surpassing of Pele’s record is a momentous occasion in the world of football. It highlights the enduring legacy of Brazilian football and the incredible talents that continue to emerge from this football-loving nation. Neymar’s journey to the top of Brazil’s all-time scoring charts is a testament to his skill, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his craft.

As we celebrate this historic milestone, we are reminded that football is a sport where the past and present intersect, creating a tapestry of legends and heroes. Neymar Jr has earned his place among these legends, and his journey is far from over.


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