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Ngige: Kidnappers & Bandits Now on Break From Naira Scarcity.

Ngige: Kidnappers & Bandits Now on Break From Naira Scarcity.

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) naira redesign program offers advantages despite its drawbacks, according to Minister of Labor and Employment Chris Ngige.

The Minister claimed that the aforementioned strategy gave Nigerians sound benefits on Wednesday during his participation in Channels Television’s Politics Today program.

Ngige agreed that the strategy hurt Nigerians, nevertheless, because the implementation was not done well enough.

“The policy is not being implemented smoothly,” he said. I recognized that. But is it a wise course of action? It is a wise policy, yes.

“That wasn’t easy; there was some suffering involved, but did we ultimately reap any good results from it? We did, indeed:  people didn’t buy votes on the line (queue) during the elections.


“I used to vote, so I am aware of what I observe. Votes were not purchased with money. It was no longer simple. The kidnappers are taking a break, or you could say they are on strike. Bandits, they’ve also taken vacations.

In the meantime, the minister told Nigerians that the suffering caused by naira scarcity will lessen in the days to come when discussing the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) canceled strike. He said that the central bank had released currency into the community.


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