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Nnamani Leaves PDP After Senate Loss: Here’s Why

Nnamani Leaves PDP After Senate Loss: Here’s Why

Chimaroke Nnamani, the senator who represents Enugu East Senatorial District, has resigned from the Peoples Democratic Party in the wake of the Labour Party’s victory in his race for the Senate.

Nnamani also thanked his constituents for their steadfast support over the years.

A statement that the former governor of Enugu State officially signed on Monday marked his departure from the opposition party.

According to The PUNCH, the senator and a few other important party figures were expelled by the PDP on February 10, 2023, for allegedly engaging in anti-party actions. Moreover, he was defeated by Labour Party candidate Kelvin Chukwu in his effort to win re-election to the Senate.

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Nnamani claimed that after consulting with both his friends and neighbors, he had made the decision to leave the PDP due to his irreconcilable differences with the party’s national leadership.

He continued by saying that he had moved on and hoped that his small contributions to the growth of his constituency would serve as a foundation for his successors.

He reaffirmed his friendship with Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, and pledged to work with him in the future.

The former governor also expressed gratitude to Nigerians, particularly the Ebeano political family, and he advised them to maintain their resolve in the years to come.

In addition, he expressed confidence that the Tinubu administration would support human rights, rule of law, and good governance in the best interests of all Nigerians.


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