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Oborevwori Approves 25% Reduction in Acceptance Fees as Palliatives for Students

Oborevwori Approves 25% Reduction in Acceptance Fees as Palliatives for Students


In a significant move to alleviate the financial burden on students, Governor Sheriff Oborevwori of Delta State has given his nod to a commendable 25% reduction in acceptance fees across four state-owned universities. This decision, aimed at providing relief to the student community, comes as part of the Delta State Government’s broader strategy to mitigate the consequences of the recent petrol subsidy removal on its citizens. In this article, we delve into the details of this substantial reduction in acceptance fees, its implications, and its broader impact on the educational landscape of Delta State.

The Governor’s Directive


The official announcement of Governor Oborevwori’s approval was made through a statement issued by the Chief Press Secretary (CPS), Mr. Festus Ahon. The announcement, which reverberated across Delta State, took place in Asaba, the state capital.

Acceptance Fee Reduction

Under this groundbreaking directive, new students enrolling at the following institutions stand to benefit from a 25% reduction in acceptance fees:

1. Delta State University, Abraka 2. Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro 3. University of Delta, Agbor 4. Dennis Osadebay University, Anwai-Asaba

A Holistic Approach to Palliatives

Governor Oborevwori’s decision to reduce acceptance fees is just one facet of a broader initiative aimed at providing relief to various segments of the state’s population.

Salary Payments and Promotions

In recognition of the challenges posed by the petrol subsidy removal, the governor had previously approved several measures, including the disbursement of N10,000 monthly to workers for three months. Additionally, an impressive N5.522 billion was allocated to clear promotion arrears for 50,196 civil servants throughout the state.

Rotational Work Scheme

To ensure essential services remained uninterrupted, the governor also greenlit a three-day rotational work scheme for civil servants in Salary Grade Levels 1-14. This pragmatic approach underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining critical functions during these trying times.

Primary School Staff Recruitment

In a move to bolster the education sector further, the state government has embarked on the recruitment of 2,000 primary school teaching and non-teaching staff members. This initiative spans 22 out of the 25 local government areas in Delta State, reinforcing the administration’s dedication to enhancing educational standards.

Aiding the Vulnerable

The Delta State Government’s commitment to supporting its citizens extends to providing substantial relief for the less privileged, the poor, persons with disabilities, and the elderly in the society.

Palliatives in Abundance

To cushion the impact of the fuel subsidy removal, the state government has allocated N10 billion for this purpose. This fund, coupled with over 17,000 bags of rice and a staggering 64,000 bags of maize, all weighing 50 kilograms each, signifies an extraordinary effort to alleviate the financial strain on those who need it most.



Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s compassionate and comprehensive approach to palliatives demonstrates a genuine commitment to the welfare of Delta State’s residents. The reduction in acceptance fees for new university students is but one aspect of a multifaceted strategy to ameliorate the effects of the petrol subsidy removal. By providing financial relief to students and various segments of the population, the Delta State Government under Governor Oborevwori has shown unwavering support for its citizens during challenging times.

In conclusion, this article highlights the governor’s commendable initiative and outlines the various measures taken to cushion the impact of recent economic changes. It is a testament to the state’s dedication to the welfare of its people.


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